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Top 10 SEO Tips for WordPress Optimization Blog

Top 10 Tips for WordPress onpage SEO Blog 

Navin onpage optimization for any WordPress blog is an important factor and to optimize your site search engine. But most people ignore it or not? Pass? More. Many bloggers focus on building backlinks, presenting your site on search engines, RSS directory submission, but ignore the onpage optimization. Optimization is always counted as one which is important for a successful blog So far, I? I found some interesting things about SEO tips, how to get good Alexa rank? Alexa Tips and Tricks, you may decide that the following information is even more interesting


Top 10 onpage SEO techniques that we use to optimize my blog

1 Optimizing Title:  

Always use keywords in your page titles. Key words in the title works better than using keywords meta tag. Be sure to use keywords to find the most important topic in the title and spread it on your article. Also note that the title caught me, so, it attracts visitors from SERP

2 .. Optimization of Meta Tags?

forums and Meta tags is important, because it was used before, Google said in a blog, they do not consider winning meta tag, but I ignored them.? You can use the description meta tag of your site to describe what you’re talking about, and focus on

3. Header or HTML tags: 

Header HTML tags such as H1, H2 and H3 are important landmarks are used throughout the post. Only these three codes are considered by the search and make sure that at least one tag header is used in the post, which includes important keywords related to this topic.

4.Structure of the post URL:  

If you use WordPress as a blogging platform, you must have heard Permalinks, WordPress Permalinks default looks like this: I posted the article details how to change WordPress Permalinks without affecting SEO, read it and optimize your URL structure now.

.5. Each image optimization:  

Image optimization, also counts as one of the onpage optimization factors. I? Of course, you have lots of pictures on your blog, allow search engines to read the image file so that your site is also visible in the Google search engine .

6. Site Map: 

folder is required for each blog has a search engine Sitemap as a priority, while indexing your site. We VordPress users are lucky because there are plenty of free plugins available that creates a Sitemap for our blog and keep updated when you re-write, and search engines to store information that you have a new article.

.7. Using more than 4% keyword density:  

Always use the maximum 4% of all words in the article as keywords. You can also put, keywords per 100 words, to maximize the onpage SEO techniques.

8 .. Use Bold, Italic, underline, Tags:  

This can be a bold tag or tag the same can be said of the label tag in italics and underlined. This keyword provides a little more weight than normal text.

9. Internal Links:  

for internal use that link to previous pages or posts. This allows the browser to go against the inner pages of your site. SEO Tips

10. Ekternal Links:  

Always avoid the use of external links or less, if necessary. External links lead visitors away from your site Now maybe a good time to write the main points are covered above. It seems to put it down on paper will help you remember that? Does it matter about onpage SEO tips and Optimiztion, how to get good SERP rankings of your site and optimize VordPress blog using my advice SEO.
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