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Top 10 Must Follow Killer SEO Tips For Bloggers


Must Follow Killer SEO Tips

Blogging has taken off in the past decade – there are millions of them everywhere now. So, if you are writing a blog, you’re going to have a lot of competition for followers.

If you are not attracting as many as you would like, a good way to increase traffic to your ponderings is by making effective use of search engine optimization (SEO). Below aretenkey tips that can help you do this.

1. Make Use of Keywords

Keywords are the words or phrases that people will type into a search engine to find a site. Therefore, using the right keywords is essential if you want your blog to be found.

Free tools like Google AdWords are useful to find out what people are searching for and they will give you an indication of the competition for your potential keywords.
Once you have identified the words that will fit best for your blog, and you have made sure they are not too competitive, you can implement them into your blog.

2. Organize Your Categories

Categories are a good way to separate your blog’s content into similar posts. Search engines are more receptive to well organized sites and can make the assumption that the most important pages of any site will be within three clicks of the homepage.

Therefore, you should structure your categories efficiently and heed to this. Make sure you categories are also named efficiently so readers can navigate through your blog with ease.

3. Headings Are Important

Headings in a blog post are important because they will give your reader an indication of the content. In terms of SEO, headings are important because a lot of search algorithms will give more weight to a keyword that is a heading. Simply put, get your keywords in the headings.

4. Get Your Placement Right

You will need to put your keywords in the most optimal places. As the previous point made, you will definitely want them in your headings. You will also want them in your first paragraph, because search engines can be more receptive to the opening text.

Do not waste keyword opportunities. For example, in your alt text with your pictures and the picture file name.
Capitalize on every opportunity to get your keywords picked up on by the search engines. If you can seamlessly blend your keywords into your blog, without ruining your posts, you’ll have a winning formula.

5. In-Bound Links Are Golden

Link building is a powerful way of getting your blog higher up the search engines. Your blog is going to need to be outstanding in the way that people will want to recommend it to others.

A link from a top ranking blog is worth its weight in gold in SEO terms, so don’t be afraid to get involved. Comment on the popular blogs, make contact with them and get them aware of what you are doing.

6. Think about Your URL Permalink Structure

Another thing to consider is putting your keywords into your URL, as it could increase your site traffic as well.

If it doesn’t look forced, never miss an opportunity to insert your keywords. In general, people like cleaner URLs and something messy with a lot of code in it can be off-putting and potentially seen as a dangerous link.

7. Beware of Graphic Design

Having videos and lots of pictures are a great way of making your blog look good and interesting. However, these can slow your blog’s loading time, which we all know is frustrating and puts you off going back. In terms of SEO, loading time is a factor in search ranking, so you will have to get the balance right, and it may be best to avoid heavy flash.

8. Create a Site Map

You can create a page separate from your blog that is basically a map of all the pages of your blog. Essentially this will allow search engine spiders clearer access to you blog, so it’s definitely worth doing.

9. Embrace Social Media

It is vital that you embrace social media. Promoting your new posts on Twitter for example will increase your real-time search ranking. So when someone types in your keywords, your blog has a better chance of being listed in their search.

10. The Quality of Your Content

If you have got engaging prose, you are going to get readers talking, writing, recommending and linking your blog.

All this will be extremely beneficial in SEO terms, so make sure your content is great. Of course luck has a part to play in a big following. If you don’t do anything else, write with enthusiasm and make use of keywords.
This will give your blog a good chance of getting a good following.
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