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Things To Do After Your WordPress Blog Is Live

If you think a significant part of the job comes in creating the WordPress Blog, then there’s a lot more that you should realize. After the Word Press Blog becomes live, there are even more things to do and consider in order to give it a good start.

Read the following steps that WordPress Blog owners should take to turn the blog into an attractive place in the internet that the huge traffic of readers will want to visit and subscribe with:

1. Adjust the initial settings of your WordPress Blog –

Upon installing the WordpPress Blog, there are a couple of default settings that you have to adjust. First and foremost is the indecipherable password that WordPress will initially assign to your blog. As with any other account, it will always be best to have a password that is memorable to the owner only.

Aside from the password, the articles’ URL is also another thing to adjust. For the purpose of making them sensible to the readers and most especially for SEO, it is advisable to change the URL structure to something that is understandable. Initially, the URLs will look like

www.chubbymommy.com/?p=487 but by changing it to www.chubbymommy.com/best-ways-to-declutter, the URL will be more useful and understandable to the readers. Blog owners can do this by going to Settings, then Permalinks, then Common Settings, then Custom Structure. From here, the blogger should enter %postname%/ in the field.

The blog owner can also make other adjustments in the Users panel such as adding other blog authors.

2. Get a Premium WordPress Theme or design your own WordPress theme

Although there are a couple of WordPress themes that are free to use for your blog, it will still be a much better idea to invest in a premium WordPress theme. You can also design your own WordPress but be sure that you can come up with something that is just as attractive or more good looking. The free themes are certainly nice-looking but you wouldn’t want to have a beautiful theme that somebody else is also using.

If you want your visitors to take your blog seriously, show them that you are serious about your blog too. Aside from striving to put in quality content, consider getting a theme that is unique for your blog.

3. Be sure to change the ‘Uncategorized’ default category

Without adding any category to the WordPress blog, the default category will be ‘Uncategorized’ which does not look pleasant at all. The blogger can change this by going to Posts, then Categories, then click the ‘Uncategorized’ to edit.

4. Activate the Akisment Plugin

For those who are new to the WordPress blog, Akismet is a plugin that blocks comment spam. Having spam in your comments can really waste your time especially if you intend to reply or to thank your commenters.

The blogger should get an API key by registering on WordPress.com where he can view his profile. This API key will be required when activating Akismet in the Plugins page, in the admin area.

5. Make use of reliable back up 

 One reliable tool for this is the WordPress Database backup. Your WordPress blog may seem to work perfectly fine but we can never tell when things can go wrong with the server. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have some form security when it comes to valuable WordPress content.

6. Be sure that you are currently using a high speed internet connection 

 Without a fast and reliable internet connection in place, you wouldn’t be able to write a blog just when great ideas crosses your mind, or make the most out of your blogging tools, handle traffic to your blog, respond to your commenters in real time, etc.

Final Words

New bloggers, as well as experienced bloggers should certainly follow these steps after creating their WordPress blog. There are far more things to keep in mind to make the blog successful after its set up such as including quality content, establishing a relationship with the readers, luring visitors to sign-up, etc. but by taking these first few steps, the blog will be on its way to the right path to online success.
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