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The Longtail Keyword in the Field of SEO

The long tail keyword and its implications in the field of SEO are well highlighted in this infographic of Elliance:

The infographic shows very clearly that consist of a single word keywords are characterized by high competition and low probability of conversion. For those who ecommerce this is certainly not an ideal situation. Things are better for the keywords consist of two or three words, since these keywords are more specific, the competition is less associated with them, and conversion rates are higher.

The situation is more profitable has, however, with the keywords that are part of the long tail, that is with those keywords that are composed of four or more terms. The long tail keywords do not have to face competition exasperated and have a much higher conversion rate.

Let’s take a very practical example. The keyword “how the mechanism of the long tail” has a much lower level of competition of the keywords ‘long tail’. This is because the first keyword is much more specific than the second. In fact, those who search on Google the first keyword is probably interested in understanding the details of what the long tail and what are its practical implications in web marketing.

On the contrary, those looking for the keyword “long tail” could even look for something that is not connected to the world of web marketing, ecommerce or SEO! Do not believe us? At the time of writing, four of the ten results on the first SERP of Google for the keyword “long tail” have no connection with the web marketing, with the ecommerce or SEO!

It is worth mentioning that the term long tail (long tail in English) was introduced by Chris Anderson in a 2004 article, to describe some economic models and business. In a nutshell, if we refer to eCommerce, the long tail theory says this: niche products together generate a turnover that is not negligible when compared to the sales of the most famous products.

Back in the field of SEO, you can make this analogy: in a website or a blog, the long tail keywords are very important when considered in their entirety, they can travel a considerable part of the web traffic your site or blog.

Let me give another example, this time linked to this blog. I considered the visits of November 2012 on Communicating on the web. The first ten keywords are about 34% of web traffic. This means that the long tail is about 66% of the traffic. One thing a lot of awesome, right?

This is one of the reasons why a blogger should publish often (as long as you produce quality content every time!). Posting frequently end up dealing a large amount of its niche. So, would generate a long tail of keywords that would yield many visits!

For the same reason, a good SEO specialist should in principle aim of optimizing the long tail keywords. Why are those that have a low search volume and a high conversion rate. Should therefore preferring to head a few keywords that have high search volume but low conversion rates.

And what do you think of the long tail in the field of SEO? Did you have a comment or advice to offer? Have you ever monitored the long tail of your blog or your website? Leave a comment to share your comments!
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