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The Google Search Statistics Tools

Google is sharing alot of what people are searching for. They are being really generous by offering all of this for free.
All webmasters should take advantage of the information that can be gathered from these tools.

Google Trends

Find out how popular your keywords are with Google Trends. Compare up to 5 different keywords to each other. You will get no exact numbers but you will get a good idea. See where in the word the keywords are being popular, down to each city.


Google Trends for Websites

See what kind of search engine traffic websites get with Google Trends for websites. (Only available for the most popular sites)


Google Hot Trends (USA)

What searches are hot on Google right now? Its no secret. With Google Hot Trends you can find out whats the most popular search terms right now. Click each word to see statistics of how popular the keyword has been the last 12 hours and what results are currently being presented to the searches. If you want to blog about something thats hot right now check out this tool!


Google Insights for Search

This is the cream of the SEO Tools out there. Similar to Google Trends but Google Insights for Search is giving you alot more information like related searches (great for finding good keyword phrases), a world map higlightening popular locations.
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