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Starting An SEO Service – Turn Your IM Skills Into Money

Starting An SEO Service

If you’ve got any kind of Internet marketing skills at all, there’s an excellent opportunity for work available to you.
You can use your expertise to help others get traffic to their sites.
Now listen up, how many times have you got into conversation with friends etc who have a business on or off line and started having the conversation about internet marketing, promoting their business, building the brand, getting more traffic? Well certainly for me it happens regularly.

Then one night I had a light bulb moment – here I am giving away my tips, experience and skills for absolutely nothing! How dumb is that! So don’t be scared, you’ll be amazed just how much knowledge you have so consider selling your services, your expertise, read on …..

Everybody, whether online or off, is concerned about SEO and few know how to do it. It’s a huge buzzword in every industry.
Most people who are inexperienced with SEO think its magic and folks like us who know how to do it are some kind of wizards!
If you’re even a mid-level marketer who’s had a little success with your sites or someone else’s, you can position yourself as an SEO specialist and help others, especially offline businesses.

Choose Your Services

It all starts with deciding what services you’re going to offer. For example: site development, backlink building, social media, web design, etc. The more you can offer, the better. Also, if you can specialize or offer any unique services few others are offering, this gives you an edge.
What if you don’t have a lot of different skills? If that’s the case, now’s the time to start expanding your skill set. Learn a few new techniques, get some success with them, and then add them to you repertoire.

Your SEO Service Site

Get a good domain name and build a site for your SEO services. It should be professional and speak directly to your potential clients’ needs.
Your SEO site should include good content about your areas of expertise and some case studies. Your clients are only going to be worried about one thing – results. If you’ve done some SEO for a client, even if it was done somewhat informally, this would be good to use on your site.

In the SEO world, track record is everything. You need testimonials, and not the sweet how-nice-you-are-to-work-with type. Remember, it has to be results-oriented and show how you helped them solve their problems.
What if you don’t have experience? Again, now’s the time to work on it. Offer your services very cheaply in order to build up your chops and get that testimonial. Social proof is important.

It’s All About Sales

Getting an SEO off the ground successfully is all about sales. You need to build a sales funnel of high revenue clients. Find businesses that could use your services make a prospect list and approach them with a valuable offer. Show them exactly how you’re going to get results and be specific.
In general, offline businesses pay more for SEO services. They’re also generally easier to work with than those online. Online businesses tend to be somewhat SEO savvy and often need much more proof from you before they’ll hire you. They also know there’s lots of competition. If you make connections and build relationships in your community with offline businesses, it can be much more lucrative.

But before you start your SEO, make sure you really know how to do it. It’s this expertise that’s going to get you income and long-term clients. Spend some time learning everything you can and getting some success.
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