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Social Media And Its Impact On SEO

In the early days of the internet, users spent most of their time online querying search engines to find needed information. However, with the rise of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the like, searchers no longer rely solely on search engines for information.

Users now often resort to social media sites, not just for information on a particular topic but also to seek recommendations, reviews, and references.

It appears that consumers put more trust in the opinions of those who are willing to volunteer their time to review services and products and share their opinions than they do in formal marketing advertising.

What does all this mean, then, to SEO?

SEO should take full benefit of social media avenues. One way is by increasing linkability.
Instead of having a static website that is hardly ever updated and acts as a mere digital catalogue, optimize your website for social media by adding a blog with useful content.

Putting out a blog causes you to become a participant of a web community, a core principle of
effective social media marketing.
Joining the conversation allows you to understand your audience better and the ideas that resonate with it. It enables you to create content that results in product awareness and to spread your message faster.

Simple things such as adding bookmarking buttons also increases linkability, making the process of tagging pages much easier.
Now that bookmarking has transformed into a social activity, consumers of a particular content are able to save, share, and interact with the content, producing a leveraging potential that is proving beneficial to content producers.

But don’t leave it to chance alone. Tag your pages first in popular social bookmarking sites. “ReTweet” and other buttons that facilitate sharing links are also definite aids in getting your message out there as these remind users to share your content.

Presenting your content in different formats, for example video and audio files, will help your web community get your message out further and assist you in attracting links.

Within reasonable limits, allow others use of your content. Part of YouTube’s success can be attributed to the site’s allowing their videos to be embedded in other websites.

By adding value to your users, even if doing so doesn’t directly benefit you, people will link to your site and tag it as helpful. As the tags and links accumulate, these will start to have an influence on search engine results.

Conversely, reward users that are helpful to you. Tag them, link to them, find ways to show them your appreciation and form a relationship with them. This can only help in forging a strong social community.

It’s really important for search engine optimizers to pick up on the opportunities that exist in building social community.
Learning what is important to your web community and creating content that spark conversations and buzz can go a long way in spreading your ideas, even influencing the keywords used in search queries and leading people to search for more formal information regarding your topic.

Handle social media well in your search engine optimization strategy, and you’ll find website start to come up high in search engine results.
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