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Pretty weird title! Isn’t it! Some of you, may feel it just a set of keywords. So do I, a bit! But all these keywords when come together are capable of forming an Identity, a Brand, a Money Machine!



Starting Up First Blog, Seriously:

I suppose, you are the person who either is very new to blogging, really wanna know, what the heck this blogging is OR one who already know a good stuff about blogging and seriously ready to go n’ Blog, just waited for specific steps and help! Welcome, both of you. Remaining are the people who know a lot of stuff.
BUT they don’t want to commit and take the action. I am really not sure if they can/should go through this article.


Blogging is A Business:

I believe that blogging is a serious business and has huge potentials to back you up. So, as almost all other businesses, blogging also needs some investments to be made.
Specifically, Blogging needs only two materialistic investments.

Domain Name & Web Hosting. Both of these things can be avoided if one chooses to go for free sub-domain, that blogger or WordPress like services provides.
But still, for majority of people it doesn’t feel serious, so probability of those people will back off, increases.

So, be smart. Buy a domain name and hosting. Having own domain and hosting is very good when you stretch it for long term. Own domain lets you choose the platform you want. It helps in branding. Moreover it’s your Vision; it has the power to move you, to make you work.



After getting the domain name, only problem remained, is hosting. One of the best free host is blogger.com. It has the huge load carrying capacity plus one of the best uptimes and everything. Blogger comes along with own CMS which is also really a good one. But, if you are in love with WordPress or want to use WordPress as CMS then you have to think past blogger.

Basically, WordPress needs PHP and mySQL. As WordPress is very much popular today, almost all of the hosts not only support the WordPress but along with that they provide the in-built utility that installs the WordPress for you.
For that, choose some good web host which is very inexpensive today.
WordPress.org recommends some webhost to choose from. I, also, have searched web for good and cheap hosting solution, when I came over Justhost.

Their rates are one of the cheapest in the market. And they come up with very good feature package containing Unlimited Domain Names Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Webspace, Very good Uptime and a lot of more stuff for just about $72 for 12 months. If you go for plan with even longer duration, justhost can cost even lesser (upto $3.99/month).


SEO Perspective of Web Hosting:

Up till now, hosting was related to sites uptime, reliability, availability, traffic peak handling etc. But recently Google have declared that page load speed also going to be the ranking factor of the Google Search. This is major change from SEO perspective.

So, instead of getting punished from Google, I would suggest to get benefit of this policy by making investment in appropriate web host.
That’s all, I wanted to discuss about SEO, WordPress, Blog, Domain Name and Hosting.
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