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SEO Optimization of a Facebook Page: 7 Key Points

Among the most debated issues in recent times in the world of social media and social media marketing is part of an interesting aspect, often overlooked, which is the key optimization SEO page Facebook. Today, after a long document, we present seven key points, drawn up by experts seo, to get a fan page seo compliant.

1. Choose the Best Name for Your Facebook Page

It may seem a trivial really recommend it, but it is certainly the first step to optimize your brand on Facebook, and is the most important, which will determine your recognition on the social network.

The temptation, at times, is to lose sight of the materiality of the information and fill in the name of the page with keywords of each type. This type of initiative is not only designed to bring few results, but it can also be a real double-edged sword, which can adversely affect the viral growth of Facebook.

The effect that is obtained by inserting keywords within the name of the page is to make spam, which tends to move in a natural way the fans.

On the other hand also be too general is a risk. The objective of the fan pages is to represent brands, companies and real companies. Choosing too general and not linked to the name of the business, the risk is not only that it is not immediately recognizable, even what Facebook itself recognizes the page as spam and decides to inhibit the ability to post updates and to reach new fans.

2. Create a Custom Vanity URL for Your Page

Once your page will have more than 25 like, Facebook will give you the ability to create a URL unique (or, to use the jargon of Facebook, “username”).

Since the URLs have an extremely heavy for the search engines, it is critical that your page is equipped with a URL that correctly represents your core business.

3. Strategic Use of Keyword

Just like the traditional sites, optimization of keywords is central in the so-called online SEO. The central points on which to focus are the Description, Mission and Overview society. This is an example of how a search engine may index your page:

“Title”: name of the page
“Meta description”: Name of the page + page description
“H1″: Name of the page
The page optimization for local search is closely related to the inclusion in the description of localizing elements, such as address, city, tax code and so on. Optimization for research relating to the products will be crucial instead fill properly the Company Overview, Mission and field products.

4. Include Phone Number and Address

Although it may seem surprising, most companies do not fit into their Facebook pages general information contact. Since the objective is to use the Facebook page as an advertising tool, it is extremely important to include their contacts, and to provide additional information, both to be indexed correctly for the local search results.

In addition to this Google a greater importance to pages that provide specific information such as phone number and address.

5. Facebook Link to your Page from Other Existing Channels

More links lead to your page, the more your page will acquire authority and ranking. This is the same mechanism that defines the authority or less of a blog or a website. For this you will need to place a link to your Facebook page on other digital channels also available to you, such as your blog, website, or Twitter profile.

6. Optimize the update status page Facebook

When you type the update on your Facebook page, remember that the first 18 characters of a post Facebook are used as “meta-description”. This can be used to your advantage: even in some cases it may be useful to involve clouds unfold users to engage in dialogue and to visit your site.

7. SEO Practices for ZNotes Facebook

The footnotes Facebook are one of the most underrated. When used appropriately notes can give your page an effective tool to increase your SEO. SEO elements that may emerge from the notes of Facebook are:
Title: The title of your note
Meta data: “name of your page,” wrote a note titled “Title of your note”
With the availability of notes you can create multiple “pages” connected to your main Facebook page, with the content to attract traffic and, if specially designed to create virality.


Do not forget that the overall objective of a policy applied to the contents Facebook SEO is to increase the overall value of your brand or your business. So it is essential to be very careful comparison between the traffic and the level of user involvement.

The implementation of the points listed above can help you increase your ranking in the Google SERP, but it is crucial that you find your real strength and concentricity the attention of your users on this, in order to increase the level of involvement. If you fail to find a real strong point and communicate it clearly, every effort will fail to bring any results.
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