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SEO and WordPress: 5 Useful Plugins That You May Not Know

SEO and WordPress : it would seem the perfect wedding like chocolate with the cream, and it could become one between Rick and Lori from The Walking Dead , or CMS can go into a coma while your Search Engine Optimization ends in butterflies, with all that code-zombie that serves no purpose.

Now, in order to avoid that the solution is a shot on the PC screen, I will show you 5 useful plugins for your SEO on WordPress who perhaps do not yet know. Nothing earth-shattering, these are extensions that I have rarely seen in the classic quote lists plugin: I have been advised by colleagues and friends during conversations, at work every day and at the edge of SEO pizzas pre-workshop.

This time the straconosciuti All-in-one SEO and Yoast pass the baton to their brothers who are all in the official repository of the CMS.

WordPress Plugins for your SEO

I’m going to report the plugin for WordPress for SEO that I use daily and which never fail in my installations. You in advance that this is very useful extensions for the management of the CMS rather than play a direct role in Search Engine Optimization, except in one case.

This is because they are of the view that the problem is not so much how many plugins you use (in fact, you do realize that the more you have the more you incicciottendo your CMS) but what. Mind you, WordPress is a finntastico and jakosmico , but if you’re developing on a project you can not make the adventure.

Already a Web Designer streetwise as our David you might find at a glance so many flaws on the template .. figured on the structure of CMS.

Two useful plugins to safeguard your WordPress

Then step right the first pair of plugin useful for your SEO : ” Backup “and” WordPress File Monitor.”

Backup is IMHO the best plugins can perform the operation in the port name. Made me discover my CEO Adriano De Arcangelis, because every day we are in the trenches side by side, and have next to him a case of emergency for WordPress is not so bad.

The plugin allows you to choose where to save the backup data, how many times do so, what to save, and above all it is possible to integrate it with the cloud of Google Docs .

In short, a great, great save at times when something goes wrong. We happened recently to work on a site millemila articles and having to redo the structure from scratch. You know what might have on the SEO if you miss just one step? Luckily with Backup your lives are infinite, and also the supply of coins to be inserted if there are server-side Game Over (yes, it happens that, in any casino).

The second great knight to protect the Great Temple of your WordPress is File Monitor. If I remember correctly, this is what I suggested Giuliano Ambrosio, the legendary JuliusDesign. In a nutshell, File Monitor is a plugin for WordPress that alerts you by e-mail ALL the changes to the files in your installation.

The alert can be set at different levels (mine is almost paranoia) and is a great tool to prevent actions of any funny guys who take advantage of holes in the everlasting CMS.
The two plugins that I introduced you now, used in combo, they are like a tag team with Jin Kazama and Hwoarang.

A useful plugin for your SEO social

Plugin aimed to implement the Like, the re-tweets, +1 there are eons. I limit myself to one segnalartene very simple: ”WordPress Social Ring.”

This plugin performs its social-work in a very simple way: allows you to add to the top or bottom of your post buttons typical of the major social networks. Why did I point out their WordPress Social Ring?

Why is it shocking immediacy, and personally I like how it fits into almost all of the template , in a discreet and integrated. I do not like particularly features too invasive imported from the social. Man, your blog is your home, not the square of other services.

A useful plugin for Rich Snippets

This is the highlight of the whole plot, the plugin for WordPress purely SEO : ” Pattern Creator for WordPress”.

You know the Rich Snippets, SEO 3.0, the Semantic Web and all these beautiful little things that will be the future onpage ? Here, the basic schema.org is not right for everyone, at least I speak for humanists SEO.

Schema Creator for WordPress is very useful to give you a hand to implement Rich Snippets to your content, building for you the basics of each element. Of course then we need to go over the holy hand, but in the meantime you have avoided any write itemscope and itemtype style amanuensis. It is worth giving us more of a look, IMHO.

The best SEO plugins for WordPress

After 4 plugin useful for your SEO on WordPress you list the last, the most powerful, the most versatile your common sense!

Slapped so in the end it seems a worthy conclusion of the House on the Prairie but what I want is to pull out your colt, cowboy, what is the fifth element that never fails between your WordPress plugins?
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