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SEO: 5 Things to do to Achieve Success on Youtube

Recently, an expert in Online Marketing Laura Hagerman has published an article in which he analyzes the main rules and “secrets” to follow to get SEO success with a video on Youtube .
And it is this that I will discuss in this article.

The relationship between Google and YouTube is increasing. This is shifting the concentration to the publisher of video on Youtube, not only the content of the video, but also on rules design in SEO to optimize the video for search engines, Google and Youtube.

In fact, even Youtube is a search engine, the second in the world after Google and is also the third most visited website in the world after Google and Facebook.

Youtube and SEO

E ‘therefore essential to follow the rules of publication to reach the target of users and achieve success with your video.

Below will report 5 rules to follow to get SEO success with a video on Youtube

Post Interesting Videos

One of the main factors that suggest Youtube whether or not it is a good video, is the bounce rate.
If visitors to your videos often abandon the video before the end, you’ll have a very high bounce rate.
This greatly affects the position of your video on Youtube: If users leave before the end of your video means that it is not interesting or maybe it’s too long to be seen until the end.

If you are unsure, choose to publish a video shorter but more attractive and attractive in terms of content.

Title and Description

Use descriptive titles but synthetic by inserting the right keywords related to the topic of your video.
A title of a video on Youtube should not be longer than 70 characters.

The description should be a maximum of 160 characters. If you write longer, be sure to include the main and important keywords in the first 30/40 characters of the description of the video.


Such as WordPress, YouTube uses two types of Content rating: based on categories and based on the tags.

While the categories of Youtube are macro-areas which may contain content more or less consistent with the same subject, with tags you can classify the contents of the video in a more specific and focused.

The tags allow search engines to understand what arguments speak that particular video and contextualize it within its results.

With tags Youtube and search engines are able to determine which videos are interrelated and which of these is more important and more relevant based on the research of the user making the search.
In addition, the tags can be useful to those who created the video itself.Can be found so, doing a search for tags or keywords, such tags have been used for video and similar which of these tags have been most successful than others. 
Also you can use tags inherent in the video that has been used less or not at all used by competitors.
This will allow us to be among the first results, if our video was well made, for that tag.

The name of the file

As I wrote in the article “ How to optimize and increase traffic to a video on Youtube , “is very important in SEO for Youtube, use a file name of the video is rich in keywords related to the video itself.

The file name of the uploaded video on Youtube has a much higher, almost like the title and the description of the video.

Use a descriptive name of the file as if it were a second title to be given to video, will understand that this is a Youtube a video definitely to be taken into great consideration for those certain keywords.


Subtitles on Youtube is one of the weapons, introduced recently by having to use to optimize your video on Youtube and get more exposure.

Once your video is uploaded, you can upload the text file with the subtitles Youtube sync automatically.

The subtitle of the video you can use many keywords related to the topic of video: this will make you to increase and scale positions in terms of ranking in the search results in Youtube.

I just think that for the same video title, description and tags, the file that has subtitles most optimized SEO, definitely gets a better ranking than the other.

If you found this article interesting on Youtube, I suggest you read the article attemente also to optimize a video on Youtube .
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