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[Reputation Management] 4 Tips to Better Manage your Online Reputation

I was talking a while ago about how the Marketing of the Future takes a turn more and more towards the management and growth of a business through a corporate or personal reputation.

Not just about big brands and companies that maybe through television and classic channels of information can create virtual broad shoulders, but also of small SMEs now want to be recognized as experts in the field, as specialists in their market niche.

This also happens to the butcher in the house, that with the passage of time carefully choosing the meat is able to offer its customers attornarsi of confidence, which is usually more than a 30% discount from the seller or the usual phrases, which usually end always with superlatives.

Today, it is a small company that professionals must necessarily cure this aspect, and also in the network there are adroitness which must not be neglected, either to give a reference point for users, both to acquire customers through the Internet, which remains the means research and information number one, for both speed either by choice.

Here then four tips that will help you better manage your reputation online, real goal for all the people who have realized how powerful the Internet tool, and that online and offline are trying to provide the necessary material for a different position, a position that focuses on trust and loyalty.
Online Reputation

1) Create a Google Search.

What does it mean?? Google is by far the most used search engine, which is why we need to “create” a search for your name or company name.

If your name or the name of your company is “Flying Fish”, you must provide research useful for those who already know the name, but that search on Google for information about you, to know who is behind that name to see what they say around on you to provide different media, with which the user can already connect a positive factor, namely that of the same places frequented.

So the first approach is that you have to give the user a rich result in Google searches, which provides useful information, the social channels and enough results to get an idea if you do not specify at least enough framed to your account.

The first thing is certainly subscribe to channels of socialization related to its arguments, if you know the Community specialized in your niche market, you can not but subscribe. This is because the user or potential customer will find the clich├ęs ale his acquaintances.

Provide dozens of web pages that talk about you is definitely a smart move not to appear hidden, to prove that in the light of the sun, without giving the user the possibility to imagine dismal questions.

2) Monitor your Name

Monitoring is a must for you, why will let you know what does the network to find out if there are people who talk behind you to know how the beliefs of the public, to listen, improve, and sometimes defend themselves.

The most used tool in monitoring network is undoubtedly Google Alerts, which sends you an email when someone around the net about you or your business.

3) Open a Blog

I’ll never say that a blog is a powerful weapon for your business. Can provide important information to you that you decided to entrust its portfolio to someone, but try to place their trust in a person or a company, and a blog is a means of priceless vaalore for a transparent and Business lasting.

4) Listen to the Speaker and the Hearer do Talk

To build a strong online reputation, you undoubtedly provide the ways in which users can interact with you and your business. This should not be done because “it should be,” but that any other means of communication to the outside of your site can give you inspiration for improvement or defects that are neglected.

Big companies and big brands give great importance to their customers, they are the ones that contribute to its credibility, do not think to be perfect or the best, but retain the humility to say, “if someone is not satisfied with certain products or services will probably have improve our work …. ”
I do not think they are perfect snubbing the voice of “the people”, but instead give much importance to this item, in fact, ask first as it is a service or a product in the eyes of customers.

This means interact to improve, and is a key strategy to continue to grow in order to improve its reputation.

If you have no points of reference, to be accounted for, Ask!
A question, comment, poll, you have no idea how important it is to follow this path in order to be in step with the times, to show the public that they themselves are important to you, which are listened to, that are put on the pedestal.

By following these tips, you will not be super attached to the ROI of a campaign or preparing an ultra advanced that meets the needs of customers (who may not even exist), but be able to alter the perception of quality through trust that the customer puts to you.
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