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Popup Domination’s Unnecessary Scripting – The Fix!


Like Every Upside… There is a Downside to Popup Domination!

The Popup Domination Application is an Amazing, Versatile Money Making Tool, But it Can Slow Your Blog Page’s Loading Time. With ME being passionate, border-line obsessed with a fast loading site, I Have the Solution, READ ON!
To set the record straight, I DO, and always WILL highly recommend and endorse the Popup Domination 100%, any day of the week.

But, because it is Sooooo flexible with the many color choices and other available options, it makes unnecessary scripting calls to the server that take place in the background while your page is loading, robbing your BLOG of precious seconds.
In a nutshell, “calls to the server” means that your site’s scripting makes HTTP requests to gather information that is required to complete the look and feel of your website’s page. This information is kept on the server where your site is hosted.

In the case of the Popup Domination light box, because of ALL the choices this application offers, the scripting is calling for IMAGES that are NOT being used for your finished popup window, storing the unused images in your computers cache (memory), yet at the same time taking the additional, unnecessary, crucial seconds to load!


Bravo to the Popup Domination Prodigy!

To break it down for you a little further, and send a Heart-Felt KUDOS to the genius behind the Popup Domination application, it comes with 7 gorgeous templates to choose from, with 13 color variations and many different combinations of elements to choose from.
IN defense of the creator, that would make 91 different CSS scripting files for the programmer to design.
With that being an unrealistic request, he did however create a single CSS scripting file for each of the 7 templates, which will make a scripting server call for each and every optional colored element and variation of that template, whether it’s being used for your finished popup window or not.

Below is an example of the Popup Domination calls to the server which in this case is 33. 

Number 19 through 52 are variations of images… not all are needed. This particular test shown below through the help of the PingDom webmaster tool, took 3+ seconds to complete the Popup Domination scripting requests to finish the full page load.
Once the test page has loaded, click on the button in the gray bar “Show Link Hierarchy” which will cluster the ‘like’ server calls together.

If you would like to get a better look at the loading times of those 6 images, click on the drop down menu in the gray bar next to the “Sort By:” wording, click on the “File Type” which will move the image server calls down to the bottom… the numbers you see there at the bottom are rated in seconds for loading the page.
Don’t let the length of the bars between the two screen shots fool you, the graph area is set on a sliding scale, so the shorter loading times of your page, the longer the bar will spread across the graph to show a more precise reading… visa versa if your page takes 10 seconds to load.
Considering that the scripting calls load in a particular order depending on your site, the first image started loading at the 1.95 second mark, with the last image finishing its loading at the 2.7 second mark, for a grand total of .75 of a second to load the 6 images… not even a full second for the Popup Domination application to fully load… PRETTY FAST if I say so myself!

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