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Perform your SEO Jobs In The Cheapest And The Best Way

The process of affecting the visibility of the website or a webpage or even the unpaid results of a search engine in any manner is called as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It can also be refereed as the “organic”, “natural”, or the “earned” results.

The main idea on which it works is that the mote often a particular site is seen on the list of the search engine, the more search engine users it will get. Different kinds of search including those like the image search, video search, local search, academic search as well as news and the vertical engine searches which are industry specific.

Optimizing a website basically involves editing its contents, associated coding and the HTML to make it more relevant to specific words and also to remove certain barriers to the indexing activities.

It has often been found that good SEO ends up costing much to the person doing the task of the optimization. But if the work is done after doing a little bit of planning in advance and also a little streamlining, then the costs on SEO can be saved to some extent in future. Some of the short-cuts which lead to a sustainable optimization are as listed below:

Save on the Crawler Budget:

It is not possible for everyone to predict t how many pages are exactly crawled by the Google to index and then rank a single page which is required. The ratio is nearly 10:1. For larger sites it is almost 100:1. Such pages which have no useful content at all or even which do not perform well should have a no index tag put on them. This will help the search engine bots to crawl only those pages which matter.

Give up the Rel= “Nofollow” attribute:

Applying the rel= “no follow” attribute because of no reasons of the internal links of a website or even on the links which are associated to the social media options like the Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. This attribute is believed for a short period of time to be a “magic bullet” for the purpose of Page Rank sculpting.

This indicates the search engines to just know one thing that there is no reason to trust the page which the link is pointing to. Unless user generated outgoing links are present which point to the unverified sites, it would be better to just abandon the use of the rel= “no follow” attribute for once and for all.

Consider the size of the file:

When the size of the page is reduced then the time taken by the search engine crawlers and the alike things to do their task becomes much more improved. Now for quite some time the site speed is considered as a ranking factor. A good way to reduce the size of the page is to reduce the elements in the page. Ignore Meta keywords, for example “are obsolete”. These keywords serve no other purpose other than providing an insight to the competitors who are present all around.
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