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Optimizing Images on Site For The Purpose of Seo

Images can be optimized to show up in the Google Image search result or for making your web page optimized for search engines(on page optimization). 

Ways to optimize Images seo

  • Put relevant keywords in file name of the images.(which is not possible in case if you are on blogger.com) 
  • Describe images with alt tags,Alt  tags must include relevant keywords.Don’t put just keyword on alt tags,put some text around the keyword to make it look natural to search engine and can be well understood by your visitors.
  • Optimizing the page containing Image,If your page is organized for that keyword then you have better chance to show up for google image result.
  • only place images of .png,.jpeg,.jpg,.gif format .use common format only to get your image detected by search engine bots.
  • Try to acquire quality links with Anchor text  for both  image and webpage. 
  • Submit your Image to all image sharing site with link back to your web page in Description box and if you own that image then put watermark of your site on it.
  • Your image on that page should not be too small or too large.
  • Add geo location tag( <image:geo_location>) ,copyright tag(if its copyrighted) and title tag(<image:title>) .

Hope above techniques work for you.If you know more Image optimization techniques then post it in comment section.
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