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Online Marketing: How To Learn From Your Competitor for FREE?

How many times have you asked yourself “I wonder what my competitors are doing,” I wonder if I’m working optimally.

There is a simple, online, to see, at least in part, how they move our competitors. And ‘in fact known to all that the web is sharing and on the web you can find a lot of information. Precisely for this reason you may find useful follow your competitors . Thanks to the internet you do not need to go directly from your competitors to know what they’re doing, you can instead implement a number of strategies that can be useful and interesting.

Follow him on social networks: see if your competitor is already on social networks, with which pages / groups. Put I like your page without having to fear and begin to see how he works on his fan page.

Look it clear on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, look where it is present, how it communicates with its users, how they respond users.Visit the website of your competitors:it is one of those classic “showcase sites” that is not updated for a long time or is always updated with the latest news? Have you tried to look for it on the search engines? With what results? Navigate on its site, trying to figure out what works and what does not!

Your competitor has a newsletter? If you have a newsletter sign up, find out which email sends, how often, how it communicates with its users!

What are the keywords of your competitors? It ‘easy to find out what are your keywords, the ones you worked on or pushes more, are clearly those who use it more often, or those for which you can find it on Google!

All this can help you analyze your online marketing strategy, compare it with your competitors and improve day after day, your work online.

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