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Namecheap – So How Does It Stack Up When It Comes To Domain Registrars?


How Does It Stack Up 

As an online marketer, you will have to find a good domain registrar, especially if your business plan includes developing many sites.
A number of marketers will have accounts with more than one registrar as this can give you more leeway in the domain marketplace.

Selecting a registrar calls for considering a number of aspects. It is obvious that you will look at price but there are other considerations such as service and offering a user friendly experience.
One popular domain registrar is Namecheap; read on to get an idea of the experience you can anticipate should you decide on their services.

Namecheap was launched in 2000 and currently they have more than half a million customers and two million domains registered with them.
This is undoubtedly something to remember because it gives you the assurance that this company knows what they’re doing and evidently does it well.
If you would like compare prices, it’s better if you take a look at all the different products and services offered by a specific registrar.

For instance, when you pay for a new domain with Namecheap, they include one year of WhoisGuard privacy protection for free.

Additionally, there are coupon codes available each month that you can use and if you are signed up to their newsletter you will be informed of what these are. In general, the best way to compare costs is if you’re comparing the same features.

As a result of recent website redesign, as a user you will find the Namecheap site very easy to navigate.
If you search to register a new domain you can instantly see what is available for the main domain extensions and there is a helpful feature to the side that gives alternative suggestions as well as premium domains that you could acquire if you are willing to pay the price.

Namecheap has an extremely user-friendly purchase process and you’re not going to be hit with the multiple upsell promotions that a few other registrars use. The whole ethos with Namecheap is to keep things easy and they seem to have realized that objective.

Management of your acquired domains is an easy-to-follow series of steps. Besides receiving advance notice of domains that are going to expire, you can also see these listed in your online account.

The support you get from a registrar is vital especially if something goes wrong and you need a fast resolution. Namecheap support is offered around the clock and live chat is an option too. Client service is unquestionably important to them as they constantly connect with their followers through social media.
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