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My Most Important Blogging Tip To Understand Before You Start Your Blog

I have been blogging to make money at home for over seven years now. In that time I have learned several things and have found one thing to be most important of all. In this article I want to offer what I consider to be the most important tip I can provide you on blogging.

Blogging Tip To Understand Before You Start Your Blog

The most important thing you must know before starting a blog is who is going to do the writing?
Of course there are going to be other things that enter into the equation as you get your blog going. For example, are you going to use the Blogspot or WordPress platform? If you choose WordPress what Theme are you going to use?
I will assume that you’re going to blog to make money. Most blogs today are started for that reason. You will need to monetize your blog in multiple ways, but you can get to that later.

The reason I say that the most important thing is who is going to do the writing is because blogging involves a certain amount of hard work.
Google has put everybody on notice that they want blogs with unique quality content.

This is not something that most people can just sit down and write. The exception to that would be if you start a blog on the topic that you are very knowledgeable on, or have a passion for.
I have seen this downplayed in the past, but I can tell you from personal experience that my Team-

Schuman blog is the one I was sitting down and write on every day. Other niche blogs that I have are a real chore to keep up to date.

Now granted there are many excellent freelance writing individuals and sites you can go to for content. You can even hirer your own blogger if can afford it.
If you are going to start a niche blog knowing who’s going to handle the writing will allow you to hit the ground running.

On your personal blog you might want to start a swipe file every time you come up with ideas and add to it so you can access that when you want article ideas.

If you are going to outsource your writing you at least need to have a good keyword list. You can use the free Google Adwords website or purchase the Market Samurai software for a more in depth keyword list.
Blogging is a lot of fun if you enjoy the topic you are writing about. These are the blogs you personally want to handle. Otherwise begin to find freelance writers so you know exactly who’s going to write before you set it up.
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