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Must Do SEO things Before Launching New Website

You may create a website of your own, but that is not all. You have to do a lot of other things to make sure your website gets what it truly deserves. The ranking of your website needs to be improved for that. You may do everything to make your website rich in content and information, but your website is going to end up nowhere if it doesn’t show up upon searching.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is responsible for the ranking of your website. Good SEO ensures your website place closer to the top of the search engine query results. This increases the number of people visiting your website, thus generating more revenues for you.

There are some steps that you must take if you want to prepare your website for what it is worth. Given below are some points that you must never forget considering. They will help you make better plans for the promotion of your website.


Making your website accessible is important. Avoid doing things such as keeping duplicate or thin content on your website. These make your website less accessible to Internet users.


They are very important in regards to the fact that they are connected to what people are actually looking for. People use keywords while looking up information on the Internet. The ones they use to search websites like yours are what you will need to work on. Visit places like Google’s Adwords to know more about searches on a particular keyword and the competition associated with it.

Quality content

Your website is all about the quality of the content it has. You can’t make people stay on your website for long if they don’t find content worth their time. In fact, the quality of the content that you use on your website can solve many problems. For one, they can keep you worry-free about the other Search Engine Optimization stuff that you may have missed out in the process.

Quality links

The quality of the links on your website is all the way as important as the content. You can’t expect your website to go ahead and make its mark without links that can make a difference.

Appeal and user friendliness

Your website design says a lot about how it appeals to the visitors. You can’t overlook the importance of user friendliness. Together they make a website what it is. Get a website designer to help you out if you can’t pull things off by yourself.

Social Media

If you’re not linking your website to the top social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, you are certainly not doing enough. You’re not going to get audience that big anywhere else. Furthermore, the search engines rank websites based on whether or not they are connected to the social media websites.

Consider the aforesaid steps if you want to see your website climb up the ladder of recognition within a short period of time. Every effort you put in here is going to pay off well in the long run.

Jack Smith is associate Author for Search Engine Direct, where he also covers the latest search marketing, social media, SEO and industry news
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