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Local SEO: What Is It?

Local search engine optimization, also known as local SEO, refers to modifying the content of a website in an effort to get a better ranking on a search engine results page targeting a certain location. This might include a search based on where the user is located or map applications.

While one may practice local optimization directly for one’s own business or hire a professional consultant, this does not require any sort of payment to a search engine.

The strategies for local search engine optimization occur directly within the markup code of a website or in the content that visitors can read directly.

It’s no secret that businesses and web developers alike have both sought ways to improve how websites appear in search engine results pages for nearly as long as the search engines have existed. Generally speaking, this process is done by looking at the factors that a search engine uses to decide what websites appear in what order on a results page.

Lokal SEO

Because search engines are a bit more evolved now, they can display more than just simple text, so there are now different subsets of SEO designed to optimize content for all kinds of results. In the case of local SEO, the goal may be to increase how visible a website is in a map application, in search engine results pages within a certain geographical area or in business directories. As mentioned, businesses may opt to do this themselves or hire help in the form of an SEO practice firm.

Though a business may opt to hire an outside consulting firm for optimizing local search results, this does not require any sort of payment to the search engine.
All strategies for improving local search engine optimization are done “organically,” which means they work around with the algorithms of a search engine and improve results through these means rather than through financial incentives.
It is common to include this optimization as a part of a larger strategy, which might include buying listings.

Some techniques used to improve optimization can either include direct visible content or be behind the scenes. The latter is usually done through the markup language of a website and are meant to deliver information to the spiders that search engines deploy to read through websites and index them on the Internet.

Some information that this markup language may include are special micro-format tags that specify what block of text refers to contact information as well as the physical coordinates of a business.

End users can notice other approaches, such as including the contact information and address for a business visibly while using keywords directly on the website itself. The business owner may also opt to submit the company information to directories that search providers and telecommunications companies use.

Consultants are the experts who help clients’ websites become more visible on the Internet through search engines, which can lead to an increase in traffic, productivity and sales.
Hiring the right consultant means finding the person who will analyze goals, the target audience and a marketing strategy to figure out what the best approach is for local search engine optimization. He will then offer a recommendation, make changes to the website and marketing and even teach the client on how he may improve SEO.

The right SEO consultant has the best understanding on the marketing trends at the time, tools that can help improve the presence the client has on the Internet and knows the right online venues. He has experience in the field, though this is not inherently necessary. Ultimately, the right consultant to hire is the one that has everything that the client is looking for at the right price.
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