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Local SEO Consulting Levels the Playing Field


Local SEO Consulting

Local SEO consulting levels the playing field for small businesses that don’t have huge advertising budgets.
For businesses that cater to a specific region, local SEO consulting allows them to rank well within their region, where consumers are actually searching for them.

By reaching consumers where they are geographically located, it allows smaller businesses to compete with national brands within their market.

For example, suppose you need to get your air conditioner fixed. You don’t need a national air conditioning firm; you need an air conditioning firm located close to you. Situations like this create a perfect opportunity for a local business to out rank a national firm in search.
The increasing prevalence of smart phones and mobile media devices has created increased demand for local SEO.

Consumers now have the ability to search whenever, wherever and they do. The fast majority of mobile searches are for local businesses.

Which restaurants should I eat at? Where should I stay? How expensive is that place?
All of these are questions consumers would use their mobile devices to find the answer to. For this reason, if you run a local restaurant, hotel, store, etc. having a local SEO plan is crucial.

For the best results, you’ll need to partner with a local SEO professional who will design a custom plan for your business designed to increase your rank and attract your target audience.
This plan should include the following tactics:

1. Keyword Research – 

The SEO professional should conduct keyword research that allows you to see which keywords give you the best chance of ranking well and reaching your target audience.

2. Optimized Content – 

The SEO professional should provide and distribute articles optimized to rank well in search under your chosen keywords. To do this, articles should be written with keywords place throughout. However, it is important to write for customers, not search engines. Search engines see through articles stocked with keywords and will rank them lower.

3. Local Search Engine Directories – 

The SEO professional should submit your business’s information to local search engine directories to increase your ranking. Some examples of local search engine directories are Google Places and Yahoo Local.

4. Social Media –

 The SEO professional should create and/or manage your social media accounts. For those just beginning a search engine optimization plan, it’s recommended to begin with just a Facebook and Twitter.

5. Blog – 

The SEO professional should create a blog to distribute your content through. Websites that are frequently updated rank higher in search engines. Blogs are one of the easiest ways to keep your content frequently updated.
A combination of all of these tactics is required to create the most efficient local SEO plan possible for your business.
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