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Internal Link to Other Pages of Your Site

Whenever we talk about link building,its often perceived as getting links from other site or external link building techniques.External link building is necessary part of seo,but don’t overlook internal link building.

Internal linking are best part of on page seo strategy

Always link related pages of your website using anchor text.this strategy shows how much you love your site content.
you can link to other pages by putting a link to any word in a paragraph which is related to other word like
<a href=”http://www.bloggerseotips.com”>seo for blogger</a> by clicking word seo for bloger you will be landed to home page.Another method to build internal links is by showing related articles after every article of your site.

How can internal linking strategy help me?

* It can help visitors of the site to explore more content from your site and will stay a bit longer.
*Internal links increasesearch engine “crawlability” and pass on some link juice of the page to other pages of your site.
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