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Improve Your Business Image: Learn How To Make A Website

Learn how to make a website and improve a business’s professional image.

The professionalism of a company is not only dependent on its CEO, founders and employees, it is dependent on its virtual sales person, the company’s website.
Twenty-four hours per day and seven days per week a company’s website sells the company’s products or services online without the assistance of a physical person.

Sales made through websites have the largest return on investment because marketing costs are generally lower. Consider how creating a website can reduce marketing costs and increase overall revenue.

Use Web Design Tools to Create Websites

In 2012, people are about instantaneous results. No one wants to recreate the wheel because it requires too much time. Web design tools and content management systems help business owners create websites in the least amount of time possible. Professional level web design tools are robust and can handle significant traffic.

Find the Perfect Content Management Tool. 

The first step in creating a website is to select a content management tool to facilitate the process. Perform a search online for options available. Some content management tools are better than others. The best content management tools allow users to modify and create a unique website with customized colors, layout, font and style.

Arrange the Template Layout. 

Users should arrange the template according to their preferences. Drag and drop tools will be used to arrange the menus. Afterwards, users can name pages, select the page attributes and drag and drop the pages into the proper location. Pre-set templates will only accommodate a certain number of pages. It is important to select a template to accommodate the number of pages required for business. A template which will not support the number of pages required will be ineffective.

Create Content For the Website.

Content is an important aspect of website development. The content must be relevant and keyword-rich to help generate traffic to the website. Effective content will also convince visitors to purchase products and services. Content generation is one of the most important aspects of website creation.

Insert Photographs. 

High-quality and high-resolution photographs will improve the search engine ranking of websites. The faster the photographs load, the higher the ranking becomes. The photographs should be relevant and realistic to sell the products or service. Experts recommend professional photographs either purchased through websites such as Creative Commons or taken with a high-resolution camera.

Include Widgets. 

Widgets can be included on the website to provide access to other relevant sites and help propel sales. Consider adding widgets to the website to provide increased functionality. Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other social networking tools are common widgets designers may include on the website.

Other Tips for Making a Website

1. Always include a link to the home page for every page.
2. Ensure the colors are vibrant and aesthetically appealing.
3. Use short paragraphs and make sure content is brief and informative.
4. Link to blogs and external sources.
5. Use various fonts to increase readability.
6. Develop an effective search engine marketing campaign.
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