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How to Yield Result with Minimal Use of Keywords in E-Commerce Business

To prosper in e-commerce business, the information should be maintained in such a way that it is minimal and at the same time informative. Since the website is the only place where a consumer can gather all sort of information related to the product, companies should ensure that it is designed in a way to attract people.

Well, the task of compiling data for each product could be allocated to companies specialized in such services. These e-commerce support companies have core knowledge in branding, concept marketing, usability and customer behavior and can therefore provide the best results with minimum effort.

Data Conversion

Use of words is required in each stage of the business like for product specification, customer fields and enrolling form for new users. To speed up this process, e-commerce companies should use digital means to convert the data electronically.

The task of converting data (images, handwritten data, and type written or printed) to mechanical or electronic form is referred to as “Optical character recognition”. It is typically used as a form of e-commerce product data entry from some source and is a task to digitally print the text. This will allow one to search data electronically.

Product Description

Unique product specifications would convey the message to the customer in a clear way. The word “unique” here refers to words that are not appearing anywhere else. While designing the website, e-commerce companies should understand that it’s their website only whereby they will promote their products, allure customers and force them in an indirect way to pay visit again.

To succeed in this step, the number of the words used for describing a product should be restricted. Assuming that a customer has very limited time frame and lots of other options to consider, e-commerce companies should ensure that every single bit of product related information is available and which could be easily readable by anyone in a short span of 5-10 seconds.

This range of information should include, brand of the product, its price, its design, availability in different sizes and delivery time.

Page Optimization

To display maximum results in one webpage, e-commerce companies should formulate category wise classification for their products, with head of each category limited to two words. The words so selected should be appropriate in the sense that it should reveal the identity of the product.

This will help the customers locate key words on their website easily by using the search function. Companies could also seek help from e-commerce product support team which will help them display the content with minimum use of words and deploying the message through images.

In short, the essence of developing a website is that it should carry a personality which itself can depict the real picture of an e-commerce company. It should be designed in such a way that consumers should remember the website and share buzz with others.

An optimized page provides unique content with unique value. While unique value is more important that content, since it will leave an image of the company at the back of consumer’s mind.
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