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How to use permalink option in blogger blogs to create custom URLs

A permalink, or permanent link, is a URL that points to a specific blog or forum entry after it has passed from the front page to the archives. 

Blogger has now also introduced this most awaited SEO option to all its users. With the help of this option at blogger you can edit the way that you want for your blog post to be set by you, with an option to write this as Custom URL at blogger. 
This option can only be accessed by going to the URL draft.blogger.com (instead of blogger.com) and write a new post with some post title being its URL, but with this option you can change it to your own. 

It also gives you many benefits like the more ranking and better click through rates is SERPs, than that of META Tags, SEO, etc.


70 characters as a long permalink (maximum characters) and do not use any conjunctions, prepositions and articles.

As a SEO standard search engine only the below three symbols are accepted:

Colon - :
Forward slash - /
Dash - -
Underscore - _ (it is not so likely to use this character they are not SEO friendly)

Other symbols than this used by us are not suitable for better click rates, the sites will be avoided by the search engines. And yeah, even a SPACE and  ASCII characters are not accepted.

Make sure you always choose a small and good URL with some keywords related to your post, to get cool clicks to your site.


How to change the URL?

First of all go to www.draft.blogger.com

Now click the create new post button and type the title for your post.

Once you do it towards right below label click Permalink
After doing it check on Custom URL and type the way that you want, not without any sh!t but with a good url. And to separate two words like 'permalinkoption' in the URL use a dash i.e. - between those two words like this 'permalink-option' it depends on how many words/characters you use.

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