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How to set a Frequency Cap for Google AdWords using Google Analytics

Business owner when running a giant online enterprise they need some tools that can help them in running the business successfully. Google Analytics is the most powerful web analytics tool available in the market for free. Every Google AdWords customer gets an AdWords account; here they can see analytics data. This tool is widespread and hosted by leader of internet “Google.”

Frequency cap is a setting provided by Google AdWords that allow you to limit the appearance of an ad on the display network and you can also restrict the person to see your ads.
  • In Google AdWords, frequency defines the number of times a user can see and visit your ads at a given period of time. The user can utilize frequency capping to control and restrict a person to visit the ads on the display network.
  • Turning on frequency capping at the time of the campaign, allow you to limit the number of impressions per day, per week, or per month for an individual. Here you can select the ads on which you like to apply limit for visitors.
  • To start with this system you have to click on to the Settings tab and click to “Advanced settings,” and finally click on edit to “Frequency “

Set the frequency data:

First you have to add the unique cookies” and “Avg. impr. freq. per cookie to your statistic table and then you can view reach and frequency data.

You can follow these steps to add columns to the statistic table:

  • First log on to google adwords and sign in with the username and password.
  • Now you have to select customize columns which is available on the campaigns tab then select columns dropdown.
  • Now you have to click on reach metrics.
  • then click on add all columns
  • Finally click on apply.
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