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How to Organize Your Producing Content for an Established Website

Creating new content can be a tedious task, but it is important one, even for an established website. Recently, search engines have placed a larger emphasis on having quality content on your website in order to obtain first page search rankings.

Because of these recent changes, even established websites have found a need to create regular, quality content to maintain their high rankings. Creating a system to help your produce regular content for your established websites is the best way to make sure you are stay on top of your site’s content and continue to be rewarded by the search engines in their rankings.

Keyword Research

One of the most difficult aspects of creating content for a well established website is deciding what to write about. If you have a large website, there is a good chance you have covered many topics related to your site and you will need to work extra hard to find compelling subject matter to discuss on your site.

A good way to find new subjects to discuss on your site is performing keyword research. Through keyword research, you will be able to find a slew of search terms that receive substantial daily searches that many other websites are not targeting with their SEO work.

Finding these quality keywords will provide you with numerous topics to discuss on your website. Also, you know that your site’s visitors will be interested in the content since people are searching for information about those search terms on a daily basis.

Outsource Your Writing

Creating content can be very time consuming. If you find that you do not have much time to spend creating content for your established websites, consider outsourcing your writing. There are many websites out there where you can find freelance writers willing to create content about any subject. Using these freelance workers to create your content will allow you to conduct more keyword research and find interesting topics to discuss on your website.

If you are able to find a writer that produces excellent content for you, hang on to that person’s contact information so you can use them again in the future. Knowing what a certain writer is capable of producing will help speed up the outsourcing process in the future when you need to place another article order. Also, using the same few writers to create content for your website will keep the writing styles similar and give your website a specific tone.

Outsourcing writing can be especially beneficial when creating content that is by nature simple and informative. An article entitled “How Do I Get Car Insurance for My First Car?” for a financial site is more reliant on factual information than a particular writing style and can therefore be outsourced easier. On the other hand, an article entitled “Ways to Interact with Your Teen” for a parenting site requires more of a personal style that a specific writing style will need to nurture.

Create a Schedule

Perhaps the biggest reason people fail to produce content for their website is their inability to stay on task. It is easy to get distracted with other projects and analyzing your site’s data where you simply forget to produce new content for your site. However, if you create a weekly schedule, you will find it much easier to stay on task and ensure that new content gets added to your site daily.

Here is a good schedule that you can follow to help organize the production of new content for your website.
  • Monday – Keyword Research: Find new keywords to target via SEO. Create article topics containing these keywords.
  • Tuesday – Outsource Writing: Send new batch of article topics to writers.
  • Wednesday – Proofread Articles: Read over the articles you start to receive from freelance writers. Make any changes you see necessary to the content.
  • Thursday – Post Content: Start by posting your first article. Use a content management system that allows you to schedule other articles to post in the future. This will help you ensure that new content is added regularly without having to post the content daily.
  • Friday – Double Check Article Posted: Make sure that your article was actually posted to your site and no technical glitches occurred.
Of course this is a simple schedule that can be tweaked any way that you see fit, but should be a good start in helping you ensure that new content is added to your website on a regular basis.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to create new content for your established websites. Performing keyword research to find new topics to discuss on your site, outsourcing your writing, and creating a weekly schedule with small daily tasks will help ensure you stay on task and continue to create new content for your website on a regular basis.
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