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How To Optimize A Post For Better Search Engine Rankings


How To Optimize A Post 

Without optimizing your post you can’t rank higher on the search engines and that’s why people use many different on-page SEO methods to rank on Google search engine.
People use too many methods to optimize a post and that’s why they don’t rank on the search engines and some websites even lose their current rankings because of doing too many optimization.

In this post I am going to show you how to optimize a post for better search engine rankings so follow my step by step guide and start making your post search engine friendly. The tips are below so lets check them out and see how you can optimize your post perfectly.

1.  Gather Main And Related Keywords

First select your main and related keywords which you will be using on your post and remember only choose keywords that are highly related to your main keyword the reason for this is Google ranks posts which has more related keywords in a post.

2. Use Headlines

If possible use headlines in your post and the best option will be choosing a H4 tag, many people use different tags but I will recommend using the H4 tag because it works better for me.

3. Link To Other Posts And Pages

Google loves posts which links to other useful posts and pages so always link your post with other related content in your website or you can also link to authority sites that have high page rank and popularity. Don’t ever link to low quality sites cause that might hurt your website rankings. Only link to your main keyword with other useful posts.

4. Use Images or Videos

Google loves posts which has images and videos on it so if possible add a related image on your post so that your content can look more professional and video will be a plus factor if you can add but not necessary if you don’t find it useful.

5. Unique Content

I know you have heard many times about this topic before but I am not going to say that only unique content can help you achieve higher search engines rankings, to make your post perfect always write to the point and don’t ever think about the word limit because this is the reason people fail to write good content.

If you follow this tips then I am sure you will see your post rankings increasing and there are many other methods you can use but I think this are the most important one so try to follow this tips and have a nice day.
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