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How to Optimize and Increase Traffic to a Video on Youtube

In this article we will see how to optimize a video on Youtube to get the maximum visibility and increase the number of visits of a video already uploaded.

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world . No coincidence that Google bought YouTube in 2006 for nearly $ 2 billion.

Many famous companies and people have invested in online marketing thanks to the many advantages offered by Youtube.
First let’s see some data regarding Youtube:

Every minute 60 hours of video are uploaded, equal to one hour of video uploaded to YouTube every second.
Every day appear more than 4 billion video.
800 million unique users visit YouTube every month
Every month on YouTube are watched more than 3 billion hours of video.
In a month are uploaded to YouTube more video content than those achieved by the three major networks in the USA 60 years.
70% of YouTube traffic comes from regions outside of the U.S..
YouTube is localized in 39 countries and in 54 languages.
In 2011, YouTube has recorded more than 1 trillion views, amounting to nearly 140 views for every person on Earth.

In light of this, the benefits of doing video marketing on YouTube are obvious.
  • The incredible amount of people reached with respect to conventional advertising
  • The low cost investment to be carried out with respect to print advertising and TVU
  • The ease of integration of Youtube videos with all websites and various Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Therefore, it is important to understand how Youtube in terms of SEO, how to publish and advertise correctly a video on Youtube, how to get success on Youtube by following simple rules of optimizing video content.

What is the nomenclature video

Youtube, Google, uses a special algorithm that, based on several factors, indexes and classifies a video giving each of them a different “specific weight”.
Youtube, in principle, classifies a video based on
  • Number of visits
  • Title of video
  • Video Description
  • Vote of the video (I like it, I do not like)
  • Number of comments on the video

Keywords Youtube

The first step in optimizing a video on Youtube, is to research and decide which or what keywords to use for that video.

These keywords should be included in the title and description of the Youtube video.
To find the right keywords to assign to the video, you should use the tools provided by Free Youtube https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool.

Once we were Keyword suggestions, we can decide which ones to use for our video.

Youtube Video Optimization

Each component of a video uploaded on Youtube, it is important in SEO to get high rankings on Youtube.
We start by loading the video. When you upload a video on Youtube, we must give it a name rich in keywords and not just leave a generic name like video1.avi or video prodotto.flv.

Title of video

Each video on Youtube, it should have a long title, at most, 70 characters. This means that we need to create a title no longer than 6/7 words.

This means that a good title for a video on Youtube should be concise but descriptive. It must also contain possibly contain one or more keywords relating to the video. This will make a title optimized for SEO results from Youtube.

A good title will make sure to move up the ranking and will increase the visitors who click on our video just because “captured” by a particular keyword or a phrase effect.

Video Description

The description of a video on Youtube should have a maximum limit of 160 characters, the same as the meta-tag description for Web pages

The search engines it will show only the first 160 characters of the description and no further. If we were using a longer description, we have to insert the most important part of the description, the beginning of the description itself.

Categories Video

A video on Youtube can only fit one of the macro-categories proposed.The categories of Youtube are:
“All”, “Animals”, “Autos & Vehicles”, DIY and style “,” Film & Animation “,” Games “,” Education “,” Music “,” News and politics “,” People & Blogs ” , “Science and Technology”, “Entertainment”, “Sports”, “Travel & Events” and “Comedy”.

The correct choice of category will allow those interested in that subject, to find our video to the right place.

Subtitles Video

Youtube has recently published a help section, a guide Subtitles Youtube .
On Youtube we can insert subtitles in our video. This can bring benefits in SEO but most will allow us to communicate what we want to say in the video, in multiple languages, allowing us to reach an audience potentially infinite.

Records Video

Records of videos on Youtube are definitely one of the most important innovations introduced by Youtube recently.

Video on Youtube annotations allow those who loads the video, to enter into the same video images and interactive links that are displayed to users in order to achieve the result of the video, another video channel or a real link advertising.

Not everyone uses video annotations on YouTube properly. In fact many people and companies who have abused the annotation sprinkling videos, links, images and windows clickable anything but professional and useful to the end user viewing the video.

Here are some tips on how to properly use video annotations on Youtube :
  • Use annotations to add background information regarding the video. Information that may make sense in an interactive show in the video instead of simply insert in the description below.
  • Use annotations if you create a series of videos. With annotations you can point users to the video of the previous series or the next.
  • Use annotations to connect video or channel Youtube video related to that video.
  • Use annotations to connect visitors to the video to your channel Twitter and Facebook
  • Use annotations to inform visitors of a change of things with qundo the video was released.
Any other use could be annoying and do not bring any benefit to your video on Youtube.
Following all this series of tips and trying to use good titles, good descriptions, good keywords and making the most out of captions and annotations on Youtube, you will have optimized the content of your video and you will have smoothed the way for success on Youtube.
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