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How to Make Money Using the Amazon Website

Make Money Using the Amazon Website

There's a good chance that you, or at the very least someone you know, has made a purchase from the Amazon website. It's a great place to go to buy all sorts of merchandise after all.

But have you ever thought about how to make money using Amazon? It's easy to do! Here are two methods that you could use to start to earn a little extra pocket money each month.

1. Sell Stock on Amazon

It isn't only the Amazon Corporation that sells things on the Amazon website; any other business or individual can do so. All you need to do to start selling right away is to create an account. From that moment on you can start to sell any item that already exists in the vast Amazon store.

If your sales start to go well, you can even upgrade your selling account to allow you to create your own product listings for items that don't yet exist on the Amazon website.

Many people consider eBay as the only website to use to sell those items that might be cluttering up your house, but Amazon is just as good an option and can be used to successfully earn you some extra money. Make sure you do some research about what you want to sell by searching through Amazon and other websites like eBay. Soon you'll know whether there is a market for your goods, and exactly how much you can expect to make for each sale.

2. Become an Amazon Affiliate

Your other option to make money using Amazon is to take advantage of what's known as their affiliate, or partner, program. By signing up to this program you will be able to include links to any products on Amazon, earning a commission of between 5 and 10% each time a person travels through your link and makes a purchase.

This affiliate marketing strategy is best suited if you have, or can create, a simple website on which to post your links. On this website you might offer reviews of different products, followed by your affiliate link, or perhaps just more information about the goods that you know a lot about. This can be a powerful strategy to make some extra cash, particularly if you choose to create a website on a topic that you already know a lot about.

Both of these money making strategies are expandable. If your selling of stock starts to take off why not look into wholesale suppliers to see if you could source more goods to sell on for a profit? Before long you could be handing in your notice at the day job to make a living working from home instead! Likewise if your first affiliate website starts to earn you a reasonable rate of commission, why not try setting up a second website in a different niche market? The most important decision that you can make today is simply to give it a go!

Choose the method that sounds the best to you and you might be pleasantly surprised at just how much money you could start making through Amazon.
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