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How To Ensure Your WordPress Site Doesn’t Gets Overloaded

WordPress is one of the lightest Content management systems available, but it can be resource heavy if not optimized properly. Also, the improper management of WordPress site can lead to overloaded site. But there are many ways to keep your site free from getting overloaded. In this article, it is discussed about the tips which would help you to create a WordPress site which is light and effective.

  • Lighter theme: There are lots of themes available in the WordPress, out of which some are have and some are light. Choose the themes which are light and not those themes which have lot of interactive features and high definition images as these increases your websites memory needs. Choosing a lighter theme will help you to reduce the load on the server. You don’t need to choose the barebones theme instead you should install the one which is properly programmed and doesn’t consist of lots of useless features.
  • Smaller images: Images are one of the heaviest and the biggest files on your website. They require more memory as compare to the texts, but the images are important if you want a successful site. You should try to make the images smaller so that they cover less memory. And this can be done manually as well as automatically. There are lots of plugins available which reduce the size of the images automatically according to the users screen size. This is the best way to do it as it will ensure the good looks of your page.
  • Erase plugins: There are lots of useful plugins for WordPress. There is a plugin for each and every need but it doesn’t mean that you install all the plugins. Installing all the plugins can overload your website. Every plugin you install increases the burden of memory of your website. It leasts matter whether they are on or off. If you don’t need any plugin, then erase it.
  • Update Plugins: Updating your content management system will often reduce the memory burden. These updates will help to reduce bloating memory that is not required. This results in faster loading of the page and consumes less memory.
Summary: WordPress is the lightest CMS but it doesn’t means that it cannot be overloaded. Therefore, you should fix this overloading by managing your website properly, updating your files, removing unnecessary things and keeping the memory burden as low as possible.
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