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How To Create A WordPress Photos Gallery

Learn some cool ways on how to create a WordPress photos gallery with this simple plugin name NextGEN Gallery, you may have seen that many blog on the net displays photos gallery and it really looks good. I will show you how to add your own WordPress photo gallery on your website or blog.




Instructions on How To Add your Own WordPress Photos Gallery:

The first step is to install the plugin on your blog to do that click on the “Plugins” option and there you will see a option that says “Add New” this is where you can add new plugins on your WordPress blog.

Now type “NextGEN Gallery” in the search box to search for the plugin, you can see that the first result shows NextGEN Gallery plugin so now install it on your blog.

If you have finished installing the plugin then it’s time to add some photos to your blog so that you can display a photo gallery. In the left side of WordPress you can see that a new menu has appeared name “Gallery” so now click to expand the plugin options and now you can see that there is one menu that says “Add Gallery/Images” now click on that.

Now you can add new images quickly to your blog without uploading any images manually just click the add new gallery option and select the photos that you want to upload and your are done.

Now lets add the photos gallery on your blog so that your visitor can see your new photo gallery, to add the gallery go to “widgets area” and there you can see a option name “NextGEN Widget” now add that widget where you like to show your photo gallery.

You can configure the widget like choosing how many images you want to show, what type of images should be displayed, what should be the photos size and many more.
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