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How to Create a Successful Contest on Twitter

When organizing a contest on the web often is only used  Facebook to promote it and manage it. But Facebook is really the only Social Network on which to create and manage contests? No, we can also use Twitter to manage our Contest and get better results than we get on the social network of Mark.

Companies and their clients use the Contest to generate contacts and interactions with potential new customers.

The main objective of a contest on Twitter is to increase the number of followers and promote shares of its products. Once the positive word of mouth about your products started you win: your product will begin to increase the number of sales and your business will begin to grow.
But let’s see what are the main steps to create a successful contest.

# 1 The goal

We must be clear what is the purpose of our contest: What do we want to achieve? A greater number of followers? We want to share one of our products?

If we are looking to increase followers of our account we could put one of the conditions for participation, follow mandatory. In this way the number of our targeted followers will begin to grow.
If we want to give visibility to our product, we enter the mandatory sharing of a given page.
Once we set our goals, we can continue with the other points!

# 2 Simplicity

A user is subjected to a multitude of advertising signs from around the web. It does not have much time to spend on your contest.

You must make sure that the participation and enrollment in the contest are the simplest and most immediate possible. Not require complicated steps and long and tries to do everything around Twitter to make the contest more viral and more immediate.

# 3 The Prize

This is a very sensitive issue and you have to choose carefully.
Whatever our goal, we must try to bring many people as possible who are genuinely interested in your products and your business.

Then the prize must have a certain target. Give the prize money is certainly not a smart move and intelligent: you risk to attract people who are only interested in money and not your business.

The prize would be a better product or service of your company: for example, if you take care of the management of Social Media at a hotel , the optimal prize could be a free stay at Hotel also includes any excursions.

If you are working for a company in the field of electronics, you could put up for grabs smartphone or computer.

So try to tie as much as possible the prize to the target of your business. Only in this way can be sure that those who participate will be really interested in you and your business.

# 4 The influencer

If you know someone in the industry influencer contact them and ask them to talk about your contest on their profiles or your blog. In this way will increase the visibility of your contest and have the chance to have more participants.

However, if you do not know any influencers, contact the Community industry to sponsor your contest. Within these communities will have the opportunity to get in touch with people who may be interested in your contest, or with potential participants.

In conclusion …

When you create a contest for any product you should always study well the target to which we turn, whether there are rules to follow or not. You can not create a contest from day to day and hope that it works!
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