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How To Create A Killer Blog Post In 15 Minutes


Create A Killer Blog Post

More articles means more money! In this post I am going to explain how you can create killer blog posts within 15 minutes and I will show you how to repeat this process so that you can create more posts for your websites and blogs.

I haven been writing articles for 3 years and during this 3 years I have learned and discovered new ways of article writing that has helped to create killer posts for my blogs and other web projects, I have found a good formula that you can follow to master the fast article writing technique.

1. Gather The Images.

Gather the images that you are going to use on your post and upload them on your blog, sometimes finding good photos takes time so collect the images before you start to write your post, this will save you time.

2. WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin.

This plugin helps to keep everything organized so that you can add ideas for your post and assign them for a specific day. This plugin is recommended for blogger who wants to keep everything organized and wants to be focused.

3. Make A list Of Ideas.

Doing this will help you to save lot’s of time when writing articles, the process is simple just make a list of all the important points and then add them on your blog post so that you can create killer articles faster then anyone. Lot’s of article writing gurus use this method to create articles for their own blog.

4. Don’t edit Again and Again.

Editing again and again is a very time consuming task so check if your grammar is OK and check for spelling mistakes and confirm that your post is 100% readable. Editing a post too much makes your post worse so try to edit as less as possible and check everything carefully so that your article looks professional.

5. Write Straight To The Point.

People don’t have time to waste so if you write a blog post that is 1000 words long than most of the visitor will not read your post because they don’t have time to waste reading big articles, so that’s why try to keep your post straight to the point so that people can enjoy reading your article.

Just by following this simple tips you can write more articles for your blogs in less time, and remember practice makes perfect so write more and more articles and one day you will also become a article writing master.
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