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How To Change WordPress Login Logo And Screen Completely

If you want to change your WordPress login logo and screen completely then I have a solution for you because in this post I will show you how to make your own custom login page so that your login page looks more stylish.


Change WordPress Login Logo

For blogs who have multiple authors they can use this trick to change logo and screen design so that when other people will come to login they will see the new design which will create an impression on their eyes.

I have a step by step guide which will show you how to change the logo of WordPress but if you are not a techie person then you can use a WordPress plugin which will help you add your own logo in a matter of minutes.

This is a simple plugin which will help you add your own logo, all you have to do is just install the plugin and upload an image, the size should be 320px Wide, 70px Height. After the upload is finished your new logo will appear on the login page.



Customize WordPress login logo without a plugin

To customize manually you will have to do the things below.
1. The picture should be a .GIF image
2. It should have a Transparent background
3. Size Should not be more than 320px wide, 70px height
4. And the name of the image should be logo-login.gif
5. upload the image to the wp-admin/images folder
6. Now find the logo-login.gif image and replace it with you image.
7. Now check your new login logo.
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