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How To Build Massive Backlinks For Your Blog

Learn how to build massive back-links for your blog so that your search engine rankings can increase and higher rankings means more visitor which means more money from your website.


Build Massive Backlinks 

But building massive back-links is not a easy job and you can’t do it for free too, I am always looking for new ways on how to build back-links so finally I found a new strategy that can help you build massive back-links for your website or blog.

Throw a contest on your blog: 

This is the best thing to do because if you follow this strategy you will get thousands of back-links. Throw a article writing contest on your blog and tell your visitor that who will write the best review about your website will win the contest and by this way you will get back-links.

Create a WordPress theme: 

Create a good looking blogger theme for WordPress and sell it for free but remember at the end of the theme include a link to your website so that when people will install your theme the link will appear and which will be counted as a back-link the more download you get the more back-links you make.

Sponsor a Theme: 

You can sponsor a theme easily from 20$ to 50$ but only sponsor themes that are popular because what’s the point in it if no one is using the theme. I got more then 5000 back-links through this methods and I know it works.

And there are other ways you can follow to build back-links for your blog but I am not going to list them here because I didn’t tried any other methods and I won’t share something that I don’t know about.
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