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How To Build Backlinks Naturally For Search Engines

Back-links are the most important part of search engine optimization, without it you will not get a good search engine rankings and this is why people are working days and nights to build back-links for their website.



Build Backlinks Naturally

Building thousands of back-links in a short time will not help your site to rank higher and also Google will ban your site for link spamming, but many web gurus knows how to build back-links in a way that Google will love their website which means more high search engine rankings.

If you are thinking of building back-links for your blog then consider following my techniques so that Google can think that your links are natural.

The best way to build back-links is to create a list of high pr blogs and then start commenting on those blogs but remember to build 10 to 15 back-links per day cause this will make your back-links more worth it in Google eyes.

Continuously build back-links for 1 year so that your site can stay on the first page of Google, building back-links slowly is always a better way to dominate search engines. Google has become more clever so if you think that you can rank with spammy links then forget it.

Here Is A Step By Step Guide For You:

Make a list of sites that you are going to comment on.
Build 10 to 15 back-links per day.
Build Back-links continuously.
Don’t build back-links that are not related to your blog.
Don’t just build high page rank back-links because this will look spam to Google.
Build low page rank back-links also so that it looks natural to Google.
That’s it if you follow my instructions then I can tell for sure that your site will rank on the first page of Google in a very short time. Many big web gurus are using this methods to build back-links for their site but they don’t want people to know about this technique but who cares.
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