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How Brand Design Can Help Your Business’s Imperative Presenc

Simply put, a brand can literally change a �?me too’ commodity into a �?must have’ purchase, helping your product to stand out in an increasingly cluttered marketplace.

Who would have thought it possible to brand water? The branding of mineral water is a perfect example of how branding exceeds the functional requirements of a product and taps into the aspirational lifestyle choices of the consumer. So what are the main benefits?

• Brand awareness

Your brand will become more recognised, memorable and front of mind for your target market, setting you apart from the competition. Once you establish your brand you have a much stronger platform for growth through new products/markets and retailer distribution.

• Brand loyalty

Creating a brand also helps to build engaging, long term relationships with your customers. In other words if they feel you’re talking their language they’ll keep coming back for more!

• Profit/Margins

Creating a strong, reputable brand helps you to command a better price in the market place. It also gives you healthier margins than private label/contract manufacturing. In fact brands are also increasingly being accepted as assets which have a tangible financial value on your balance sheet.
  • Pride - A professionally designed logo and Brand / Identity system will show that you are committed to presenting your company as a major contender in your market.
  • Visibility - Most prospective consumers / clients look for highly visible, well-defined businesses, and the “look and feel” of your identity plays a major role in their decision making process.
  • Credibility - Establishing credibility with a strong visual message in a professionally developed Brand / Identity system, used throughout all of your business and marketing communications, will keep you a step ahead of your competition.
  • Appearance - A professionally developed Brand / Identity system positions your company to work with larger organizations and increases your margins by allowing you to set premium rates for your products and / or services.
  • Retention - Most people remember what they see much better than what they hear or read.  Having a consistent visual identity throughout all of your business and marketing communications will keep you at the forefront of existing and potential clients’ minds when they have a need for your products and / or services.
  • Differentiation - When partnered with a strategic marketing program, a well-designed logo and a strong identity system will position your business far above the competition in your market.
  • Stability - Even if you are unable to claim that you’ve been in business for “over 30 years”, having a functional Brand / Identity system gives the impression that your business is dedicated to the industry you serve.
  • Support - When you present a well-rounded business package, your business goals and objectives are more clearly defined and this will improve your chances of getting venture capital or other forms of financial assistance.
A good brand is an honest brand – you must always be able to stand over the authenticity of your claims and communicate a consistent message to your market and that’s why adopting a measure brand strategy is so important. Brand Design is the creation of the visual identity, “The Branding”, for a company and/or its clients.

As Brand Identity Designers Ahoy can create everything from logos and marketing collateral, to promotional materials, and even advertising campaigns that establish a recognizable corporate identity.
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