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High traffic website from scratch


Making of a high traffic website

Yesterday I was thinking about making a site from scratch which will attract high traffic .By High traffic i mean 400,000 to 800,000 visitors per month.I gave myself a brainstrom session to get ideas.I put down some points which i think is valuable to drive huge traffic to any site.

1.  valuable content which is worthy of being read by millions of people.

2.  Content of site is just like listening to speech which will make you bore if its too long having repetitive lines and it must not be too short.

3.  Writing content on those topics and focusing on those keywords which are searched frequently .you can use google keyword tool to know which keyword is searched how many times

4. Producing Entertaing content so that visitors love to read and just like loyal readers they come again and again to explore new content.

5.  Creating timeless content, writting content having time bound like writting about some event that happened recently will not enjoys prolonged visitors.

6.  Let your audience see the real you,who you are what you enjoy. so that you can gain more trust of your  readers.

7.  Write what is true to you even if it create controversies,atlast these small conflicts between you and some of your readers will make you more enjoyable.but don't write conflicting things on those critical topics like religion.

8.  Use interesting and entertaining images having watermark of your site name on it and let people share those images on image sharing sites which in turn will generate more visitors.

9. I have some friends who do Guest posting on other blogs which generate them more traffic, i think that will be best option to get some more exposure.

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