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High Paying and Low Competition Adsense Niches

In the forums, I see a lot of people posting how successful they are with Adsense, and soon to follow comes dozens of replies asking what the niche is.  The original poster normally never gives away their niche or only offers a very general idea.  The question is, if a profitable and low competition niche was dropped right in your lap could you monetize it?

I’ve been keeping an eye on a specific forum topic about a supposed high paying site that earns just under five figures per month in revenue.  What is interesting about this topic is that a lot of people criticized the poster for what they believe is impossible.  But on closer inspection, this very simple site might be earning a boatload of money.

The site in question is blackbeachweek(dot)com.  The site was created in 1999, and it’s appearance looks as if they have not changed the site design since then.  Don’t get me wrong, simple sites can be very effective.  It’s a unique niche, catering to younger African American travelers.

On the surface the site looks very basic and the amount of blue used leaves little to be desired.  The homepage does not contain any Adsense units, which is something I think more people should consider.  Remember, the goal of creating a Website is to cater to your visitors and not provoke them to leave by displaying countless ads. 

The homepage has no logo and one image of two women in bikinis.  There is a newsletter signup box, but other then that this site appears about as basic as it gets.

The site has a PR 3, which is something easily achieved with directory submissions alone.  And a quick check at Yahoo SiteExplorer shows a whopping 95 backlinks to the site and over 2,000 indexed pages.  The backlink count seems rather low, and it is possible Yahoo is updating their backlinks as I type.  Regardless, this niche looks like an easy target for anyone with even basic SEO skills.  But is there any potential for earnings?

Taking a look at the left sidebar of the site, I see links to some familiar travel destinations and some unknown festivals and events.  I’ll visit the Cancun Jumpoff page.  I see a small image at the top, then below this is an Adsense unit.  That’s a very good position for maximum eye exposure.  Looking beneath that there are some YouTube videos with some testimonials. 

The testimonials and descriptions are keyword rich, offering the search engines plenty to chew on.  At the very bottom of the page is another Adsense unit.

The page does not have any META keywords or description tags.  The URL of the page does contain “Cancun,” but other then that this page has not been SEO’ed.

The page does rank for quite a few short and medium tailed keywords.  The entire site, however, commands respectable positions for quite a few keywords both short and long.  One of the keyphrases this page ranks for is Cancun Weekend.  It’s at position number three in Google with an estimated CPC of $1.83.  Not bad.  The competition is nearly 1.7 million pages, and it’s estimated to get 6-8 visitors a day (using Google’s Adwords stats). 

Let’s look at a keyphrase it would have an easier time ranking for while improving earnings.  That keyphrase is, believe it or not, Cancun vacations.  The competition is just 523,000 visitors, and the traffic potential is around 200 visitors per day.  The estimated cost per click for Adwords users tops out at $3.89 per click.  The site ranks for quite a few keywords, and you can research that at SEO Digger.

Most of the ads displayed on the site are for travel accommodations and travel packages.  As we all know, these tend to be good paying adverts.  The site also seems to provide more testimonials then anything else.  This leaves people more inclined and directed towards viewing advertisements for detailed accommodation and travel packages.

According to Compete.com, the Website has monthly traffic of 30,000 user visitors.  Comparing Compete’s results with my own sites, I can say that Compete’s traffic estimates are 2-3 times lower then actual traffic.  It’s certainly possible that the Website receives 60,000-90,000 visitors a month.
Between the traffic, keywords, and ads displayed on the site, it appears there is some good income potential in his niche.  The low competition makes it even more appealing to those with even the most basic SEO skills.

There are quite a few travel destinations around the world, and in general the travel niche is occupied by some heavy players.  But the owner of blackbeachweek(dot)com shows us that even in a competitive niche such as travel, there is still room and opportunity for smaller players.
With a lot of SEO and some affiliate relationships, I’m sure the owner of blackbeachweek(dot)com could greatly improve his traffic and revenue.

What’s your take?  Do you think the site makes just under five figures a month?
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