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Google Now Classifies Average Sites as Spam

Has your website been hit by a panda, slapped by a penguin or trampled over by another type of zoo animal? If your site has, chances are Google has classified your website as being spam. While many websites are truly deserving of being demoted in the SERPS, many other website owners have been left scratching their heads as to why their websites nearly disappeared from the SERPS. In a recent interview with Matt Cutts, we now learn that penguin has targeted “average” websites to be demoted.

In an interview, Matt Cutts explained that panda was designed to target websites engaged in dubious practices to artificially inflate their search positions. Now, penguin has arrived with its sole purpose of demoting those websites “in the middle” of being high quality and spam. What type of person or entity typically has an “average” website? Small businesses of course.
“No, neither Penguin nor Panda are manual penalties, Cutts said. He explained that Penguin was designed to tackle “the stuff in the middle;” between fantastic, high quality content and spam. Panda was all about spam, but the need for Penguin arose from this middle ground.”
The damage penguin has inflicted on many small businesses is quite profound. I will use one local business as an example. This business has been operating for over forty years in my region and is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. As a service company, which does remodeling, all of their suppliers have linked to their website.

These links are quite natural as they allow consumers to easily find authorized retailers and installers in their region. Before penguin, this website was ranking in the top three for their top three most obvious keywords. Apparently penguin has decided their website is average, and their website retained one first page listing at position number ten. The other keywords have fallen off the map, which in turn I’m sure has impacted their sales.

The website illustrated above has no abnormal changes to their backlink profile which I could detect over the extended period of time I have monitored this website. This company would occasionally run special offers, which were noted in pages on their website.

Therefore, content was being created on an irregular basis. All of the analysis aside, what is more important is what has replaced this company in the SERPS. Nearly half of the front page of the SERPS is dominated by a single Tumblr website and their internal pages. This website holds the top four positions for the keyword “Cleveland kitchen.” You may view the picture below, and please note that I was not logged in when viewing these results

While this is only one example of how average small business websites have been decimated in the SERPS by Google’s penguin, I assure you that there are many more injustices witnessed in the websites that I monitor. And for the many legitimate brick and mortar businesses that have been negatively impacted by Google’s war against average small businesses, their loss in the SERPS may be what ultimately shutters their doors for good.
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