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Google Launches Advanced Sign-in Security!


Protect Your Google Account with Two-Factor Authentication!

Yesterday Google released an Advanced Sign in Security. This is a two-factor authentication process that will take place each time you log in to your Google account. It makes your account significantly more secure, because the steps that Google has come up with, only the real owner of the account would be able to verify.

Hackers prey on the least informed people that don’t take the steps that are offered to protect themselves. Don’t fall victim to a stranger that wants to mess your account up!
Here’s the way it works as written straight from the horse’s mouth (Google)… “Using 2-step verification will help prevent strangers from accessing your account with just a stolen password.

When you sign in with 2-step verification, you’ll verify your identity using both a password and a code that you receive on your phone.”

Hackers are going to have a difficult time with this new system, because even if they somehow get your password, they only have half of what is needed to access your account. It is a little bit of extra work to access your account with this two-step verification, but having your account hacked is even more work to fix.
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