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Google Instant Some Like it, Some Hate it

Google Instant is a brand new feature that is now automatically implemented when you are searching the web using their regular interface. The feature works by instantly showing results as you are typing. For instance, if you are search for “Vanilla Swirl Cup Cakes”.

Google will show you results that range from the wiki definition of ‘vanilla’ to ‘vanilla swirl cups’ for dining but by the end of your typing any results having to do with what you originally wanted to search for will be present as always.

The ‘hate it or like it’ debate on Google Instant is an ongoing battle, whereas most users are complaining, while others are simply loving it. Website owners are seeing more page impressions but their main focus of complaint is that this new feature will mean the end of SEO because everyone will continuously be competing over keyphrases and keywords that rank the highest.

This is because most users are letting the Instant search feature take over and they might not have to finish their typing to find what they are looking for, which is what makes extended keyphrases essentially useless.

However, the majority of users have spoken their mind and have united in saying they rarely see any results they need before they finish typing their search query. This is a fine example that basically proves to most users that the Google Instant feature is useless and does not make things faster because it just shows irrelevant results while typing instead of showing what they are looking for earlier.
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