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Google Hummingbird: What can Change the SEO?

The announcement of the release of the new Google algorithm Hummingbird is a few days ago, but it turned out that it was already active for about one month and was then already influencing the SERP related to user queries. Although the field of action is different from Panda or Penguin, since it basically represents a Hummingbird ‘ evolution of the old Caffeine (weblog 2010), a few comments on the action strategies is a must.

Google Hummingbird is based on the Knowledge Graph , an important function that tries to interpret the user’s query by providing more consistent results with the type of need: if we’re looking for something like “wash jeans,” the SERP will be populated mostly by pages presenting content about “how to” wash jeans rather than a “where” or that refer to a business (result often useless and annoying).

This interpretive approach, also based on the user profile (characteristics, geolocation, search history), will require a better presentation of content: it will be necessary to improve the understanding in the eyes of Google, enriching and integrating with video and rich snippets .The writing will be even more fluid and natural, never overly concise; goodbye (forever?) To keyword stuffing, also masked, and automatic calculations on keyword density , as the SERP reward increasingly means at the expense of the simple matching a keyword (or keyphrase).

The other announcement of Google, related to what has been said and even more that could change the cards on the table, is the total suspension of supply to Analytics of the terms used in organic search, revealing the already infamous “ not provided ”, which means that it can no longer analyze the type of organic traffic, if not turning to the services of Adwords (so paying …).

It will therefore become essential to optimize pages based on user experience and analysis to provide the user satisfaction of objectives, rather than on a quantitative review of keyword semi-automatic.
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