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Google Directory Closes

Google, which has consistently preached that webmasters should focus on unique and compelling content, has apparently closed its directory. While branded with the Google name, and residing on a Google URL, this directory was simply scraped from DMOZ.

What is interesting is how the Panda algorithm update was supposed to nail scraper sites to the wall, Google’s scraped directory survived Panda quite well. It’s these mixed signals, and double standards, which sets a horrible example for webmasters that are truly working hard to offer their visitors value through unique and detailed content.

While the closing of Google’s web directory may be news, the fact remains that it was nothing more than a scraper site. It’s good to see Google practice what it preaches by closing their directory. DMOZ editors worked hard to make DMOZ the respected directory that it is today. Scraping it, and outranking it in the search results, was unjust.

With the Google directory shut down, will DMOZ’s results fill in the top ranks that Google once held? That would only seem appropriate, but Google has a tendency to push its verticals by favoring them in their algorithm.
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