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Google AdSense: Tips To Improve The Efficiency and Revenue

Google, in its Inside AdSense blog, in early 2013 has provided a series of tips to improve the performance and revenues of our website (or our Internet sites) with Google AdSense.
I create a list of practical tips and useful maybe you can quickly check to see if you’re already working in the right way or if you have something to improve.

1. Increase the coverage : Insert a additional ad unit (to get more than three) is an optimal strategy that can have a big impact on our earnings. You can insert three ad groups (of which only one can be in the format 300 x 600), three link units and two search boxes on each page of your site.
Clearly, it is important to consider the number of ads on the page of our site and do not go overboard as not to tire users.

2. Use the recommended dimensions: the statistics in possession of google ads is clear that larger and larger, well positioned, they work much better than the small banner on that site.Consequently, the banner that they get the best performance are the 728 * 90, 336 * the 280, the 300 * 250 and 160 * 600.

Google also states that even though these are ads that perform better, you’ll have to use the size that best complement your page and give a sense of professionalism (ie not great place ads where the space is small and vice versa).

3. Display text ads, and graphic showing both ads all advertising will be competing for apprire on your site, and you can earn more. If you choose only text ads (or graphic) exclude a priori a slice of advertisers who are advertising.

4. Experiment with different combinations of colors: choose the best style can make the difference between an ad that gets noticed and clicked by users and an announcement that instead will be skipped without being seen.  

There are three techniques you can use when choosing the style of your ads: make the same style of your site (or choose the same colors, the same font), create contrast (bright colors and different font), be complementary to the content of your site.

5. Make sure you’ve placed ads in the best way: the placement of the ads has a very important role. We place ads at the top of the site (above the fold) and users must be able to quickly find the content however they were looking for within your site.

6. Add a search box (or two) is a free product that allows you to place a custom search engine to your site and help users in research.

7. Make sure that your site provides a positive user experience : the user experience can make or break the success of your website. There are lots of internet sites that now offer similar services. It ‘important to differentiate themselves in the eyes of users through a navigability and a better user experience. You have a few seconds to provide a positive impression of your site, crank it.

8. Put in a prominent position on your first ad: Google AdSense charge for first ads that pay more. To improve the performance of your site so be sure to place your first ad in the highest part of the site!

9. System errors crawling : Make sure that the AdSense crawler to crawl your pages correctly.Visit the Account Settings and check if there are errors crawling.

10. Approach the Mobile world: mobile is growing fast, make a mobile strategy for your site, use tips and advice that you will also find within this ito.

11. Create a page on Google+ to connect with your users: Google offers many tools that help you to intercept and engage your audience in different ways. On your Google+ page you can share articles, photos, youtube video, live events and much more.

12. Use DFP Small Business: if your online business continues to grow you begin to use DFP Small Business is a solution hostata Free from Google to organize ads that appear within your website.
These are all tips provided by Google to improve the performance of AdSense ads, what do you think? Want to have your say? Did you find this article helpful?
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