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Google Adsense Earnings Down

Many in the Webmaster community have been complaining of reduced Google Adsense earnings since the beginning of the year.  It appears we may finally have some answers as to why earnings are down.

Data released on Monday by comScore reports that in January, surfers clicked on 7% fewer ads then the previous month.  Additionally, paid clicks were flat compared to the same period last year.

As most Adsense publishers know, late last year Google modified Adsense ads by making only the Title and URL of the ad clickable.  While reducing accidental clicks and improving value for the advertiser, this has resulted in lower income for Google and their publishers.

Also, Google’s efforts to stomp out click fraud has reduced earnings temporarily as well.  However, it is important to note that reducing click fraud brings long term value to advertisers, publishers, and Google.

Some observers are also concerned that Google’s reduced Adsense earnings are related to a souring US economy.

Having talked with other webmasters regarding Adsense earnings, many are complaining their traffic is up while revenue is down.  Those familiar with ecommerce know that this time of the year consumers are suffering from credit card hangovers.  Until income tax refunds are issued, many business to consumer niches are typically slow.

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