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Free Directory Submissions

Many Webmasters and SEO professionals will tell you that the fastest way to get indexed is to get some backlinks for your site, and I agree.  In the previous step, we already created two high profile links to your Website.  Now let’s spend about twenty minutes or so submitting to some free Web directories.
There’s a lot of software on the market to submit to free directories.  There are even form filler software titles available.  Let’s bypass the lower performing and most time consuming software options.  Digixmas has the fastest and easiest to use directory submission software around.  The best part is that you can submit to 150 Web directories for free while using a trial version of their software.

The first step needed to use this trial version software is to register it. After you have registered, you can then download and install the software.

To run Digixmas, open the program and click ok on their welcome/news screen.  Then click on log on in the upper left hand corner.  Enter your User Name and Password to logon.  Next, click the add button then the add new button.  Enter your site title and site description.  Click ok or enter more titles and descriptions to be randomized during the submission process.  Enter your contact information and site keywords.  When you are done, click ok.

To begin submitting, click the pending button.  The software will then collect the captcha and categories from the first and subsequent directories.  Select the proper category and enter the captcha code.  After you enter this information, click ok and the software will load up the next directory captcha and categories.  Rinse and repeat the process.

This is one of the best Web directory software titles available.  The full version, which allows you to submit to 1,400+ directories, is only $15.  And they always add new directories on a daily basis so that you can continue building links for your Website well into the future.

Now that we have completed this step, let’s summarize what you did and the next step.
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