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Draw the Links in WordPress with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service from Google which allows us to perform a detailed analysis of visitors to a website, but not only ! With this powerful tool can also keep track of the links in WordPress.

Before explaining how to do, I want to talk about why we should keep track of links with Google Analytics
The idea that we all have about Analytics is that this tool enables us to track visits to our site, the type of visitors and which are the most popular content. All this is in fact correct. However, Google Analytics is able to provide also information on what users do when they arrive on our site, find out what more they click banners and links and social media campaigns which bring more traffic.

Let’s take an example : our blog has a page where you sell an e-book right? In our strategy of marketing  we decided to publicize it through Twitter, Facebook, banners and newsletters, but without monitoring how do we know which of these strategies is proving to be the most suitable?
With the tracking link you can have these answers and thus optimize our campaigns and optimize the results.

Monitoring of links in Google Analytics using UTM source

Google Analytics has this great feature called custom campaigns . To use the custom campaigns you need to add the parameters UTM to our URL which will then be recorded in the report of analysis customized.

Analytics also allows us to create URLs with UTM parameters via URL Builder tool

In the above example we have created a link to share on Twitter, like a tweet .
  • utm_source  is the parameter that identifies the source of traffic that could be a site, a network of social media, newsletter or app (in our example is twitter).
  • utm_medium is the parameter used to describe the type of support that we used.
  • utm_campaign is the parameter used to identify a campaign name, slogans, promotional code.
  • utm_term   is the parameter used to identify keywords to payment
  • utm_content  is the parameter that allows us to be different content types that we can use in a campaign
To view the statistics for personalized campaigns must go on Google Analytics Reporting >> >> Traffic >> Source >> Campaigns and you will see the following screen

Monitor outbound links with Google Analtytics

With Google Analytics you can also monitor outgoing links from the site, or links that take our visitors to another site. Understand that the external links are the most visited of our site helps us to understand what kind of information users are looking for and will allow us to plan a strategy accordingly.

But be careful! Analytics does not detect outbound links by default. To enable this option you need to add a bit of javascprit the website and add the code for each outbound links that you want to track.
A nice bit of work if we wanted to control all outgoing links you do not believe ?
Well now I will show you how to enable automatic verification of the links outbound Google Analytics with WordPress .

First install and activate the plugin Google Analytics for WordPress. If you gà the Google Analytics code inserted in your blog remove the code. Once you are sure that your site does not have any kind of code Analytics settings >> go to Google Analytics. 
authenticated your Google Analytics profile, or enter your UA-code manually and the UA code is the unique identifier analytics for each account that is created and is located next to the profile of your website in Google Analytics dashboard.

If you use a plug-in to format affiliate links in something like this http://www.example.com/out/ then you will have to allow monitoring of internal connections as outgoing links.

To view the outbound links go to your Google Analytics account. In the sidebar click on Content >> Events >> Perfect. 
article will see the output as a top event by clicking this you will be shown a list of URLs on output.

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool. Not only helps us to know our guests and popular content, but we can also use it to develop a strategy to optimize our WordPress blog .
Try to use it and you’ll have some very interesting results, trust me!
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