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Domain Name Parking

As Webmasters, many of us have personal projects we would like to work on in the future.  A lot of this work involves the creation of new sites.  There’s a good number of us that have domains just sitting around, begging for our attention.  Instead of letting these domains sit around, let’s look at domain name parking and how it can generate some additional revenue.

Those that are familiar with domain parking tend to have their favorite parking providers.  I’m no different.  I’ve tried quite a few domain parking companies and the revenue earned per click does vary widely.  So let’s take a look at two of the better known parking companies.

First, there is Parked.com.  Parked is probably one of the most recommended parking providers.  Their domain control panel is nice, and offers quite a few templates.  However, these parking templates are all 2 click templates.  What are two click templates?  Basically when a user comes to the parked domain, they have a list of general categories to choose from. 

Once they choose the category, then they are taken to a page with ads on it.  My tests show that 2 click landers essentially reduce revenue by as much as 40% for domains with targeted traffic.  Parked does provide a one click lander, but it is only displayed if their system determines it is appropriate - giving domain owners no control whether a one click lander is displayed or not. 

Parked also uses Yahoo advertisement feeds, which do pay less then Google feeds.  Parked does not provide manual optimization, except to the degree that you may remove predetermined subcategories that are displayed on your parked page.  They do provide detailed traffic analysis of each domain, which is a huge plus over some of the other parking providers.  To join Parked, you must  submit a minimum of ten domains for consideration.  And if they don’t like any of the domains, they will reject them.

My favorite parking provider is RevenueDirect.  While it lacks traffic analysis, the control they give you over your domains more then makes up for it.  From a revenue standpoint, RevenueDirect earns more per click then Parked, Sedo, Godaddy, and other well known parking providers.  RevenueDirect uses Google advertisement feeds. 

They also allow you to choose one or two click landers.  Unlike Parked, you may freely choose which specific keywords and categories are displayed on your site.  You may also enter header and/or footer text and links, along with an option to list the domain for sale. 

The domain sale option is simply a form that sends inquiries directly to you.  RevenueDirect does not get a cut of any sale price nor do they act as a domain brokerage.  The good thing about RevenueDirect is that they do not require anything more then one domain name to join.

Here’s some quick tips to get approval when you join Parked or RevenueDirect:

1. Join through a referral link (mine are Parked and RevenueDirect).  Domain parking providers are more inclined to approve your application if you are referred by an existing member in good standing - or one that makes them a lot of money.

2. Submit your best domains for consideration.  When I say best domains, I mean those domains that receive or are likely to receive the most English speaking traffic.  If you have other domains that may be questionable, add them after your account is approved.

3. Allow the domain parking company some time to review your application.  Normally such applications can take 1-3 business days.

When you do get approved and are able to optimize your parked domain, I suggest you head over to Google’s Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool.  This will help in determining which keywords and keyphrases are popular.  Then, view Google’s Adwords Traffic Estimator so that you can get an idea how much revenue those keywords could generate.  Please note that the traffic estimator and prices are for ads being displayed on Google Search, and not the ads that appear on parked pages.  Regardless, this should give you a general idea which keywords and keyphrases pay the most.

People often ask how much can I make from domain parking, and the answer depends on the niche and traffic.  If the domain has no traffic, it will not earn any money.  Parked domains in a general electronic niche, for example, earn me $1.20+ revenue per click.  I have parked domains with RevenueDirect that earn me $10+ per day, while others make $2 a month.  Some of my domains earn nothing.  Either way, it is nice that most of my parked domains are earning money as I focus on more pressing projects.
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